The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: Kevin from Trophy Lungs & OC45, City Mouse

"We're super stoked to be playing Pouzza Fest again, this years line up is full of buds and we can't wait to get to Canada and start partying. We have a bunch of stories about some of the bands playing this year and surprisingly most of them involve drinking.
First off OC45 is playing this year, they're also from Boston and played Pouzza Fest with us back in 2014. The first night we were in Montreal the Trophy Lungs crew ended up getting pretty drunk very fast in our hotel room thanks to getting destroyed in beer pong by the guys in Make War. Needless to say we ended up passing out and assumed that was the end of the night... Fast forward two hours later and we're woken up by a wicked hard knock on the door accompanied by a lot of incoherent yelling. I got up in my underwear and walked over fearing it was the hotel already kicking us out for some reason but when I opened the door there's Derek and the rest of OC45 shitty drunk with their sleeping bags. Turns out they didn't lock up a place to crash in Montreal ahead of time and somehow stumbled to our place. What started as a decently early night with five people quickly and unexpectedly turned into an all nighter with 15 people in a one bed hotel room.

Secondly we can't wait to party with City Mouse. It's always a blast hanging out with them and last time they toured through Boston they had our best bud Kyle Manning filling in on drums. For whatever reason that tour they decided that they would buy a different horribly flavored bottle of UV vodka each date and finish by the end of the night. I can't remember if the Boston show had chicken and waffle flavored vodka or freshly cut grass flavored vodka but I do remember that it tasted absolutely horrible. Luckily in case they ever want to remember what any of those bottles tasted like they all got UV Vodka bottles tattooed on them so they'll never forget. However I can't say much, I have the Red Dog beer logo tattooed on my leg."

-- Kevin from Trophy Lungs

Trophy Lungs play on Friday at 12:00am @ Piranha Bar.
OC45 play on Friday at 2:30am @ Piranha Bar. 
City Mouse play on Saturday at 12:30am @ Piranha Bar.