The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: Curt Murder & Sick Of It All

"It starts for me in 1989. Sick Of It All were travelling with D.R.I. During the "Thrash Zone" tour. They had a stop in London. ON at a Polish Hall downtown. Back then the local scene was thriving/somewhat deided but like most scenes it was going through the "crossover" phase to some degree. That was fine with me because I've always been into all kinds of music despite the fact that I grew up in quite the segregated punk and metal crowd. So 17 yr old me was pretty stoked to go to this show, and after getting my ass handed to me (e.g. kicked in the mouth, a ring crushed on my finger) in the pit I got to meet the brothers from SOIA and had a pretty lengthy conversation. Just an awesome couple of guys.
Since then, I've seen the band many times as they would usually play my city. But in 2000 I got the chance to open for them during my time in the band Left Behind (Tom, bandmate in Limiter was the singer). The whole time I thought just catching up with the band 11 yrs later might be cool, just talking about meeting them years before. Now, in Left Behind I would always jump in the pit to finish playing the last song no matter what happened to me. Although I was warned not to do do it this time by our drummer, I jumped in the sold out crowd, landed on a dude's head, fell from his height on my chin. Still finished the song but was being trampled and not realizing I broke my left arm when I hit the floor. Pretty much fucked up my chances with having a chat with the band and ended up with 7 months physiotherapy and a chip out of my jaw....

....still worth it!
Now we fast forward to 2016, and in some loose way I get to share a memory with that band one more time, even if it's just my name on the same poster with them. It's just so awesome and inspirational to see a band I've liked since my teenage years still out there killing it like they always have. Almost parallel in some weird way. Anybody who knows me has heard me say or sing "Until I Die" and I can't think of a cooler example. Sick Of It All and myself at Pouzza 6 and I can't fucking wait!"

-- Curt Murder

Curt Murder plays on Saturday at 10:45pm 
@ Frite Alors!
Sick Of It All play on Friday at 12:00am @ Foufounes.