The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: On The Road With Rebuilder

I've always been fascinated with tour life. I grew up reading about it in rocky rock star biographies and obsessing over rock journalists and have now been working closely with touring musicians most of my adult life, but I've never actually been on tour with a band.
Sure, I've been given rides to and from out of town shows, but that's a bit different than entering a van with a bunch of musicians who are the road with each other for hours upon days. It's so interesting to me to see what sort of band dynamics develop when everyone is bored, exhausted, sore and homesick.
Not to mention smelly/farty/crampy/pukey/pissy/etc.
In theory (and movies) it seems like it's an exciting perma-party to travel around with all your best buds playing music, and of course at times it is, but (especially when you're starting out) it's also hard work physically and mentally to survive long drive after long drive after staying up late after playing the same songs every night after sleeping on someones floor or in your van for the short amount of shut eye you can squeeze in before you have to repeat. If you're lucky you'll get a rinse in there, and if you're not then nobody else in that cramped box with wheels is either.
That said, I've always thought I would be the perfect person to take on tour because I barely shower in real life (and my body is used to it so I don't actually smell I swear! or I just have no sense of smell anymore...), I could live off of the cheap menu at McDonalds or Burger King, I can sleep anywhere, I can poop anywhere, I never wash my shirts/pants and have enough underwear to last me over a month.
That's all it takes, right?
= wRong!
That's only the beginning.
Just watch this new video from Rebuilder about a shitty New Jersey show and being on the road (and check out this awesome write-up about it from

In what worked out to be the most perfect timing between the release of this video + my Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016 feature + the band needing a place to stay after their show in Hamilton + me needing a ride to Pouzza Fest the next day, I ended up finally fulfilling my dream of hopping into a van with a band on tour and (kinda) wrote about it.
OK, so they were only 2 dates in at this point, and I'm sure they acted a bit different having me tagging along (I barely know them) but whatever. I did get a teeny taste of their tour life and it went a little something like this:
  • they drove from a show in Hamilton to my house in Toronto to crash with 2 on the couches, 3 on the floor on blow up mattresses with sleeping bags and pillows. they were pre-fuckin'-pared.
  • didn't get here until like 2:30/3am
  • ate the rest of the pizza and whatever they had grabbed after the show
  • went to bed around 4/4:30am
  • woke up around 9am, hopefully not because I set off the fire alarm trying to cook though that did happen
  • took showers, took shits, ate some bagels (yes, that's what I was toaster sucks?), left around 10am
  • did some automatic team tetris to fit everything back into the van before hopping in
  • excitedly talked and joked around (and when I say joked around I mean every single thing that left their mouths was like the funniest shit I've ever heard even though I didn't understand half of it because they practically had their own budguage.. budialect?) for like not even an hour I don't think before it went silent and we just drove
  • there was no music playing at this point because they didn't have data to stream the new PUP album because they're Ehmurricans in Kenahdah, though I think a couple of them listened on their phones instead
  • I heard snoring coming from the back so I was like 'fuck it' and fell asleep too
  • woke up to Sal (who is usually the driver, he doesn't drink) slamming on the breaks to avoid a lawn chair flying off the back of a truck or trailer or something (yikes!)
  • now there was music because Sal found saved playlists on his phone
  • the guys in the front talked about music a lot, debated albums and whether they liked them or not, it was pretty entertaining actually
  • stopped for a piss and coffee and what not, more jokes on jokes as we waited for everyone to show up back at the van
  • continued on our way, dozed off again, woke up, joked more, drove more, and finally made it to Montreal
  • checked in, napped, Pouzza'd, played, and then had to take off immediately after their set to be at another gig
I want to say it was a lot more interesting in real life than it was to read in point form note but... it...wasn't... EXCEPT for the fact that they truly are some of the funniest people I've met and the bond between the them and their ability to entertain each other with random conversation that somehow they continue to come up with despite living together (some of them) and seeing each other 24/7 when they're out on the road... it was pretty cool to witness.

And they refused gas money so it was a free ride.

I actually caught up with a couple of the Rebuilder dudes later on in the media room at Pouzza and we did an interview where we talk more about being on the road and their relationships and shit -- stay tuned for that and so much more Pouzza related bullshit!

Upcoming Rebuilder Tour Dates:
June 1 O’Brien’s Allston MA ^
June 2 The Grand Victory Brooklyn NY ^
June 3 Kung Fu Necktie Philly PA w/ Mikey Erg ^
June 4 The Hook Up Virginia Beach, VA ^
June 5 HBGB Brunswick GA ^
June 6 Loosey’s Gainesville, FL ^
June 7 Will’s Pub Orlando FL ^
June 8 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta GA^
June 9 The Glass Menage Nashville TN ^
June 10 Da Vida House Cincinnati Ohio ^
June 11 The Black Forge Pittsburgh PA ^
June 12 The Anchor Bend Asbury, NJ with Sammy Kay (Free Show) “Not a “BIG PUNK ROCK FEST” Pre-Show Pre-Show”

^ with The Penske File