Pouzza Fest: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

(Says the chick who has never been down to FEST that is)
Pouzza is one of my favourite times of the year. I look forward to it the way I look forward to Christmas and, in a nutshell (someone call the Nutcracker!), for all the same reasons too.
I look forward to seeing my family every year... only at Pouzza it's my punk rock family made up of bud bands from home and buds from bands I've met while promoting and bands I've met previous years doing interviews and partying, emphasis on the partying. After 4 years attending this festival with pretty much the same people who are all connected by their love of dirty music and getting fucked up.. well let's just say blood's not the only thing that bonds you. Liquor is sometimes thicker!
Much like spending time with your actual family is the intended focus of Christmas, seeing and supporting your punk rock family while they're playing is the biggest goal for most Pouzzaers I know (sorry School Damage, WAPO, The Creeps, etc etc etc etc) meaning the rest of the bands on the bill are more like.. a present if you will, under each venue tree. They're the surprise that I look forward to initially but soon get too drunk to care about and end up spending the rest of the time visiting (partying). And eating.. making the poutine pizza the turkey dinner of May long weekend. Mmmmm...

sidenote: I just thought about how amazing it would be to add stuffing to a poutine pizza.. right? or am I just baked? :exit sidenote.

There's also something in the air at Pouzza reminiscent of the spirit of Christmas. The joy, the laughter, the band t-shirts (decorations).. it's heartwarming, it really is.
Last but not least, I look forward to the time off work where I don't have any obligation to check my phone or email because things are slow for the holiday and everyone knows I won't be sober enough to deal with anything without fucking it up. Hallepouzza, hallepouzza...
Moral of this unsung carol is that Pouzza Fest is my Punk Rock May Christmas.
And I love it.
(Wait, does that make Hugo Santa?)

This year was honestly one of the best I've had, and I'm saying that despite missing The Suicide Machines play one of my favourite albums of all time. I don't even care about that because I had just as good a time whatever I did instead. I missed a bunch of bud bands too (like the ones I apologized to above) because of getting party with other buds, but at the same time I did manage to see a ton of pals play (and was there to witness one pal propose to another pal while performing on stage - CONGRATS PATTY AND BAILEA!!!) and I saw Dead To Me so like, EVEN STEVEN JERRY SEINFELD you know what I mean? Pouzza is magical like that. It's a place where you end up sitting on the patio having a drink with Brendan Kelly after a night of not sleeping. It's a place where you spend said night not sleeping partying with a dude who played in one of the first punk bands you ever saw live at the very first punk show you ever went to. It's a place where everyone is shitfaced and nobody gives a fuck who you are because you're all fucking one big happy punk rock family and it's fucking Christmas.

Here are a couple fun videos from the banger of a party happening at The Penske File's dorm room that night I didn't sleep. This is how families are formed guys. This shit bonds people. (shit bond, gross!)

Speaking of shit, do you ever imagine how much shit everybody who attended Pouzza collectedly shat throughout the festival, drinking constantly... like imagine it was all piled up... DO IT, IMAGINE.

Pouzza Interviews *coming soon* ! In the meantime check out some pictures I took HERE.