Gerry Hannah's New Release "Coming Home"

Many people may know of Gerry Hannah through his 25 year on again/off again involvement with the seminal Vancouver punk rock band the Subhumans. As one of the founding members of that group, he played bass guitar, sang background vocals and penned, arguably, some of the most memorable punk anthems written in North America.
Others may know of him through his brief involvement with an urban guerilla group known as Direct Action.  This was the group of Canadian political activists commonly known as the Squamish Five that decided to try to stop regressive political and environmental policy through, well, direct action.  The group was eventually arrested and Gerry was sentenced to ten years in prison for his part in the group’s activities.
But all along, Gerry has also been playing guitar, singing and writing songs behind the scenes and has just finished a new solo album. The new album, titled Coming Home, chronicles the emotional history of being a revolutionary living underground, a political prisoner languishing behind bars and a sensitive, insightful, (if often despondent) observer of our current human condition.
Coming Home consists of 14 original songs ranging from up beat country/folk songs reminiscent of the Waterboys or Bob Dylan, to dark alt/rock dirges vaguely similar to the sound of Joy Division or The Velvet Underground. The album becomes available in stores and online December 2 / 2014.

Listen to Gerry Hannah's new release "Coming Home" here: