Tight Nuns vs Pouzza Fest!

The year that Tight Nuns played Pouzza I made the classic mistake of having an amazing time riding around old Montreal in a horse-carriage with my sister and girlfriend until about an hour before our performance at Club Absynthe... Fucking Montreal...  Brutal Youth, who were absolutely killing it, were on before us and I recognized that my blood-sugar was getting really fucked up - to the point that I was going to pass out soon if untreated. Luckily one of the perks of playing pouzza was having access to a green room with snacks and drinks (a rare luxury in the punk rock world) - so I went off desperately to find it. Once inside my blood sugar was so low I would have appeared super drunk, gaunt and sweaty. I just ran to the corner with all the sandwiches and started guzzling 2 open bottles of coke. After realizing that there was a whole room of people staring at me going HAM at the tray table I recognized Fred Jacques was amongst them. Fred is someone I hold in a very high esteem musically, and I was pretty excited to get to chill with him backstage somewhere.  Unfortunately hypoglycemia slowed my brain down enough that the first thing I said to him, after noticing that he was smoking an Ecigarette, was "Every time I see someone smoke one of those in Toronto, I think they're an asshole."
The combined power of embarrassment and vegan sandwiches led to one of the best Tight Nuns performances in Quebec of that year during that exact weekend.

- Jordan