THE LILLINGTONS etc Added To Pouzza!

It's been a while since we announced anything Pouzzers, well, here it is. The 3rd announcement for this years amazing edition of POUZZA FEST. It's probably our favorite announcement ever. A little bit of everything. All the different styles of bands that we love here at Pouzza. Be ready, we are. 1st, THE HOLD STEADY! This amazing band from New York will release a new album at the end of March, Teeth Dreams. We are super happy to have them since it's been a long time since their last visit in 2010. 

Another unbelievable but true announcement : THE LILLINGTONS will be playing Pouzza Fest this year. Yes, that's right, after reforming for Riot Fest last year, they will be in Montreal in May. Just for you. Just for Pouzza. Some more old school you ask ? Alright. What about some old school made in Canada ? SNFU. Yes, they are alive and well and will be back in Montreal, where we just love em. They formed in Vancouver in 1981. That's right they are also older than me and you. And a bit cooler too. Ok, ok, we know. We don't live in the past, some younger Canadian bands are cool too. right ? THE FLATLINERS are surely cool, and they will be back to Pouzza Fest this year. Always cool to have them. They've grown up a little and just made one of the best Canadian punk record ever with Dead Language. Oh yeah ? You will want some Canadian old school? Alright then..DAYGLOW ABORTIONS ? Is that old school enough? (They formed in 1979) If that's not enough, TWO COW GARAGENIGHTBIRDSTHE SO-SO GLOSHOSTAGE CALMENABLER and alot more are also playing Pouzza Fest this year. It will be the best year of Pouzza ever. For real. believe us.