MusicSheBlogged Does London!!

Ontario that is.
Also known as "The Forest City".
With a name like that you'd expect lumberjacks, deer and fire to be spilling out, not musicians.
There are axes, just not the tree cuttin' kind... and instead of lumberjacks there's just a shit ton 'n' a half of boner-fied bands with serious talent handling them.
Lately everyone has been all like 'blah blah this London band', 'blah blah that London band'?  SO I went to London to see what the fuck is going on up there... like is there something in the sap or the food at the Early Bird, or maybe it's because the beer is kept cold by all the band coozies??... whatever it is I wanted to get to the bottom of it.
Alas, the only thing I got to the bottom of while I was there was every bottle and every fast food container. I drank ALL the beer, ate ALL the greasy grub (including breakfast poutine and it was heartmelting), saw KEN Mode at Call The Office, Cancer Bats at London Music Hall, and the Get Party Record's Showcase at the APK featuring Fault Of Mine, Wasted Potential, Brutal Youth and Clumsy, and partied my face off. FACE = OFF.
And so instead of doing any real research work myself I decided to just ask the people who might know - THE BANDS!!! - because that would be a lot less thinking on my part.

Tyler from 331arts was gracious enough to come out and film a bunch of the interviews for me and put together this fucking rad az ass video of it all. A huge fucking thanks to that guy, I couldn't have done this without him.
As some sort of small payback I did a special interview with 331arts which you can READ HERE!!

And without further a-doo-doo, here's the video! Enjoy!

But wait, there's more!!
I also put together a FREE compilation featuring a bunch of London bands!


Shout out to Anxiety Attack Designs for making the siqqq album cover!!

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