MusicSheBlogged Does London!!

Ontario that is.
Also known as "The Forest City".
With a name like that you'd expect lumberjacks, deer and fire to be spilling out, not musicians.
There are axes, just not the tree cuttin' kind... and instead of lumberjacks there's just a shit ton 'n' a half of boner-fied bands with serious talent handling them.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2014 Inductees

Performer Category:
· Peter Gabriel
· Hall and Oates
· Nirvana
· Linda Ronstadt
· Cat Stevens

Ahmet Ertegun Awards:
· Brian Epstein
· Andrew Loog Oldham

The Award for Musical Excellence:
· The E Street Band


The desert is a place of hardship and subtle beauty, a stark world that reveals its secrets slowly and carefully. For the renowned Saharan band TINARIWEN, the desert is their home, their hypnotic and electrifying guitar rock reflecting the complex realities of their homebase in North West Africa. The band is set to release their new album Emmaar on February 11th and the first track/video “Toumast Tincha (The People Have Been Sold Out)” premieres today courtesy of Slate -

Meet Dylan Starrs