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The Snips On Tour!

After years of sorting and scratching through the dense bush known as the music industry, The Snips have decided to pick up the clippers and crop their own path. On August 14th, 2012 The Snips released their latest and highly anticipated new record “Highs Of Low” on Rival Party Records. Three years removed from the release of 2009's Blackouts EP, the band has sonically managed to completely shake things up. In the esoteric fashion that is inherently present within The Snips camp, the band has stepped away from the footprints of their contemporaries and relocated themselves in a much dirtier and unpolished place. With the guidance of Dan Weston (City and Colour, Attack In Black, Living With Lions) the band yet again has come up with a fresh treat in a stale cupboard. Ricky Pridmore (vocals), Brent Fulop (drums), Barty Breton (bass) and marble rye axe-men Tone Ventresca and Chris Accursi are more than pumped to ditch the conventional record release plan and do things on their own terms.

Back after touring a month through Europe, The Snips will be laying some ground work in their own territory. With upcoming Canadian and American tours, a plethora of music videos, endless Blogs, Vlogs and contests (unless you live under a rock) you’re bound to hear/see/smell/feel The Snips becoming one of your favorite bands.

Catch them live ! Dec. 6 – Burlington @Burly Calling
Dec. 7 – Sherbrooke @Woodstock Bar –
Dec. 8 - Trois-Rivieres @Rock Café Le Stage -
Dec. 12 - St. Catharines @L3
Dec.14 – Windsor @FM Lounge
Dec. 15 – London @Call the Office
Dec. 20 – Montreal @P'tit Campus
Dec. 21 – Toronto @Sneaky Dee’s
Dec. 22 – Barrie @Fitzy’s
Dec. 28 – Brantford @Charly’s
Dec. 29 – Welland @The Rex

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New track from The Parlour Suite !

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They're offering up their new song called "We Belong Together" for free!
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It’s mere seconds into a typical track by The Motorleague that listeners realize what they’re in for. Be it a blistering single-string guitar riff delivered through an amp that’s seemingly been set afire or a bludgeoning smash to the snare drum, this band delivers its punk-influenced hard rock with an unrelenting urgency from start to finish. Or at least that was the case with the band’s heralded 2009 debut LP, Black Noise, and its 10 hooky, bottom-heavy bangers; however, while their 2013 forthcoming follow-up Acknowledge, Acknowledge features a flurry of high-energy, riff-anchored rock, it’s also much more dynamic and expressive – and that was the idea from the outset.

Formed in Moncton, NB with relics of revered local rock outfits The Ditchpigs and The Monoxides, The Motorleague was originally an outlet for lead vocalist/guitarist/primary songwriter Don Levandier and his band mates to blend a penchant for ‘90s skate punk with the sludgier sounds of stoner rock. “I never knew whether I wanted to be in a punk band or Fu Manchu rip-off,” Levandier says of the group’s formative years, and even now, traces of each are audible in the band’s output.

Having undergone more than its fair share of lineup changes, and with the release of Acknowledge, Acknowledge looming ever closer, The Motorleague has marked a new beginning with a firmly-cemented stable of players set to carry the banner forward. Joining Levandier are Shawn Chaisson (bass/vocals), Francis Landry (drums), Andrew Greig (guitar/vocals), and Nathan Jones (guitar/vocals). And while their influences are still on their sleeves, over time, The Motorleague has morphed into a rock band that exists strictly on its own terms.

Black Noise and its sinfully catchy single “Hymn For The Newly Departed” attracted quite a bit of attention to the band. In addition to taking home two East Coast Music Awards and one Music New Brunswick award in 2010, The Motorleague has also performed alongside contemporaries like Alexisonfire, Flogging Molly, Rise Against, Priestess, and Propagandhi, from whom they’ve also borrowed their moniker. The group still holds the release dear, though with their latest, wanted to showcase a wider spectrum of what they can do.

Produced by Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, The Creepshow), Acknowledge, Acknowledge and recent digital release Litany for The Completely Forgettable is an extension of the sound established with its predecessor. Tracks like lead single “Good Men” or “We Are All Going Directly To Hell” are dense and dirty with the familiar slick riffs, huge harmonies, and anthemic choruses that unite lost voices. “Love Letter To A Landmass,” on the other hand, is slightly more upbeat and boasts a healthy dose of mainstream rock. Others like “Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen” and “Burned In Effigy” are more sparse in their arrangement, drawing the focus to Levandier’s fine-tuned vocal phrasing and lyrics.

“A lot of these songs deal with frustrations,” Levandier explains delving into his words. From the Internet turning into an arena of hatred to the hardships of being on the road to the band’s geographical underpinnings, Levandier says it’s a simple of matter of writing about what he knows and sees – and that honest and pure approach spreads throughout every aspect of The Motorleague.

“We’re not a new band,” Levandier says. “We’ve been at this for years; we’ve played some big shows and been to some cool places. Now we want to get out of this east coast trap and push onwards.” Armed with a new collection of songs and plenty of piss and vinegar, The Motorleague will soon be impossible to ignore, infecting audiences across North America with their intense live performances and now-signature hard rock styling's. Acknowledge, Acknowledge indeed…

Check them out live !!
Tues-Nov-13 - Windsor, ON @ The Phog
Thurs-Nov-15-Edmonton, AB @ Wunderbar
Fri-Nov-16-Calgary, AB @ Palamino
Sun-Nov-18-Red Deer, AB @ Slumland Theatre
Weds-Nov-21-Toronto, On @ Bovine
Thurs-Nov 22-Montreal, QC @ L’Absynthe

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