Insubordination Fest 2012 Dr. Frank, Danny Vapid and Cheats, Teenage Bottlerocket, Plow United, Copyrights and More

Insub Fest '12 Schedule and Ticket Info!
Insubordination Fest has become the highlight of the summer for fans of underground punk, pop-punk, power pop (and whatever). This annual gathering brings together fans from around the world to sweat it out to more than 35 bands over three days (June 21st - 23rd, 2012). This year, Insubordination Records have some special surprises planned. We've have teamed up with Larry Livermore and the good people at Adeline Records to bring you on Saturday the 23rd "The Fest That Ate Larry Livermore!" which features most of the bands from The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore compilation. If that's not enough we're bringing out Dr Frank and Friends, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Copyrights, Dan Vapid and the Cheats, Emily's Army, Plow United plus many more! 


                      Knock Knock
Insubordination Fest 2012 (Day 1)  
Teenage Bottlerocket  12:40 AM
Danny Vapid and the Cheats 11:30 PM
Plow United 10:30 PM
Unlovables 9:40 PM
Beatnik Termites 8:50 PM
Parasites 8:00 PM
Fatal Flaw  7:20 PM

Smokejumper 6:40 PM
Dewtons 6:00 PM
Braceface 5:20 PM

Event Info
Friday, June 22nd, 2012 
Doors at 5:00 PM
Cost: $27.50 (Tax Included) 
The Ottobar
2549 N. Howard Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Insubordination Fest 2012 (Day 2)
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Copyrights 12:35 AM
Night Birds 11:45 PM
Dopamines 10:50 PM
Mean Jeans 10:00 PM
House Boat 9:05 PM
Emily's Army 8:10 PM
Mixtapes 7:15 PM
Dear Landlord 6:20 PM
Lipstick Homicide 5:35 PM
Be My Doppelganger 4:50 PM
City Mouse 4:05 PM
Weekend Dads 3:20 PM
Isotopes 2:40 PM
Candy Hearts 2:00 PM
Trashkanistan  1:20 PM

Event Info
Saturday, June 24th, 2012
Doors at 1:00 PM
Cost: $38.50 (Tax Included) 
The Ottobar
2549 N. Howard Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
(410) 662-0069

Insub Fest Pre-Show Party!

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Dr. Frank and Friends 12:30 AM
Mikey Erg 11:40 PM
Dead Mechanical 11:00 PM
Slow Death 10:20 PM
Firecrackers 9:40 PM
Bobby Joe Ebola 9:00 PM
Rational Anthem 8:20 PM
Billy Raygun 7:40 PM
Strait A's 7:00 PM
Promdates 6:20 PM 

Event Info
Thursday, June 22nd, 2012
6:00 PM
$13.00 (Tax Included)
The Ottobar
2549 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-4506
(410) 662-0069

SLATES On Tour In Canada !

Don't miss your chance to see the SLATES live this summer !!
06/21: Calgary, AB @ Sled Island Festival
06/30: Edmonton, AB @ New City
07/06: Regina, SK @ The Fainting Goat
07/07: Winnipeg, MB @ The Lo Pub
07/08: Thunder Bay, ON @ The Outlet
07/10: Timmins, ON @ The Victory Tavern
07/11: Sudbury, ON @ Millard’s Garage
07/12: North Bay, ON @ Bull and Quench Pub
07/13: Thetford Mines, QC @ Sergent Peppers Pub
07/14: Montreal, QC @ L’Esco
07/15: Rimouski, QC @ L’Apres-Match
07/16: Halifax, NS @ Gus’ Pub
07/18: St. John’s, NL @ Distortion
07/19: Cornerbrook, NL @ White Horse Lounge
07/20: Dartmouth, NS @ Jacob’s
07/21 Saint John, NB @ Pepper’s Pub
07/22: Moncton, NB @ Plan B
07/23: Quebec City, QC @ L’Agitee
07/24: Ottawa, ON – TBA
07/25: Hamilton, ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood
07/26: Waterloo, ON @ Princess Cafe
07/27: Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s
07/28: London, ON @ The Nite Owl
07/29: Barrie, ON @ The Space
07/30: Sudbury, ON – TBA
07/31: Sault Ste Marie – TBA
08/01: Thunder Bay, ON @ 251 Francis
08/02: Brandon, MB – TBA
08/03: Saskatoon, SK @ Amigo’s

Summer Tours!

June 2 - London @ Field Day Festival (Tickets)
June 3 - Dublin @ Forbidden Fruit Festival (Tickets)
June 8 - Welbeck Abbey @ No Direction Home Fest (Tickets)
June 16 - Barcelona @ Sonar (Tickets)
August 4 - Toronto, ON @ Fort York/Hard Toronto  (Tickets) w/M83, Justice
August 5 - Montreal, QC @ Osheaga (Tickets)
August 10 - Regina, SK @ Regina Folk Festival (Tickets)
September 13 - Victoria, BC @ Rifflandia Festival (Tickets)
Born Ruffians:
June 2 - Ottawa, ON @ Orleans Festival (Free!)
June 14 - Burlington, ON @ Burlington's Sound Of Music (Free!)
July 20-22 - Dawson City, YK @ Dawson City Music Festival (Tickets)
August 11 - Fernie, BC @ Wapiti Music Festival (Tickets)
Cuff The Duke:
July 7 - Calgary, AB @ Calgary Stampede (Tickets)
July 21-23 - London, ON @ Home County Music & Arts Festival (by donation)
August 10-11 - Fernie, BC @ Wapiti Music Festival (Tickets)
August 17-19 -  Salmon Arm, BC @ Salmon Art Roots & Blues Festival (Tickets)
Elliott BROOD
May 25 - Chattanooga, TN @ Nightfall Concert Series (Free)
June 24 - Swift Current, SK @ Big Top Tent on Windscape Field (Tickets)
June 30 - Saskatoon, SK @ Saskatchewan Jazz Festival (Tickets)
July 6 - 8 - Winnipeg, MB @ Winnipeg Folk Festival (Tickets)
July 27-29 - Guelph, ON @ Hillside Festival (Tickets)
August 8 - Fredericton, NB @ FredROCK Festival (Tickets)
August 10 - Kingston, ON @ Wolf Island Music Festival (Tickets)
August 16 - Owen Sound, ON @ OTHERfolk Festival (Tickets)
August 19 - Cumberland, BC @ Big Time Out (Tickets)
Johan Agebjorn
July 14 - Novi Sad @ No Exit Festival
PS I Love You
August 16 - Owen Sound, ON @ OTHERfolk Festival (Tickets)
The Rural Alberta Advantage
June 30 - Nigara on the Lake, ON @ Butler's Barracks (Tickets)
July 1 - Oro, ON @ Burl's Creek (Tickets)
July 28 - Calgary, AB @ Calgary Folk Festival (Tickets)
August 26 - Squamish, BC @ Live At Squamish (Tickets)
Young Galaxy
July 21 - Kearney, ON @ River and Sky Festival (Tickets)
August 3-5 - Montreal, QC @ Osheaga (Tickets)

See ELECTRIC YOUTH make their live Toronto debut this Saturday May 26th at Mod Club's UK Underground!

Electric Youth are Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin, middle school sweethearts turned synth duo who churn out 80's inspired, electro-pop melodies and dreamy ballads.

The Toronto natives penned the infectious track "A Real Hero," the central theme song for the Ryan Gosling landmark film Drive, which became the movie's unofficial anthem and propelled the soundtrack to become one of the best of the year.

The soundtrack has reached the top-5 albums on iTunes with "A Real Hero", the best selling single download from the score, having charted on the top-10 iTunes Dance Charts in the U.S. The song has also just been nominated for an MTV Movie Award for 'Best Song of 2012'.

College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)

Now a 5-piece touring act, Electric Youth are completing their debut album along with a music video for their next single, "The Best Thing." A full-length of their energetic pop escapades will be available this year, reviving restless hearts everywhere.

Saturday May 26th - Electric Youth @ UK Underground
Virgin Mobile Mod Club - 722 College St W.

Doors for this 19+ event open at 10pm with ELECTRIC YOUTH at 10:30
Followed by DJ MRK & Tigerblood spinning indie, electro, dubstep and rock all night long!

No Use For A Name in Canada !

Tony Sly, who’s pretty much approaching legend status at this point has been busy the last year or two, writing and putting out two (!) solo records that are pretty fucking weird, in that they’re not that folk revival bullshit that every established punk seems to think they can pull off nowadays. In fact, they’re much more like those Jets To Brazil acoustic nods to John Lennon, quirky chords, pop craftsmanship and no fake southern accents or tales of train hopping to be heard anywhere. The newest one, Sad Bear (presumably a nod to Tony’s nickname at his favorite fetish club) comes out sometime in the fall of 2011. It’s pretty mellow, and Tony’s said that after the process of putting Sad Bear together he’s “Ready to start writing punk rock songs again.” That’s great news, and he’s assembled new and improved squad behind him that is sure to put the ‘FAN’ back into NUFAN. Heyo! Did you like that little bit of wordplay? No? Jesus. Okay, anyway, my point is, this new lineup is more ready to shred punk rock songs than almost any other lineup in the history of not only NUFAN, but dare I say it: the entire history of the galaxy. No, fer real. Check it:
New axe master Chris Rest was in RKL and Lagwagon and those dudes famously have fast, tricky guitar shit going on, so you pretty much know he’s no shithead. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Tony recruited bad-ass drummer Boz Rivera (check out his band King City on Youtube if you don’t believe me), also from RKL and the Mad Caddies to smooth out the riddims, man. As if that still wasn’t enough of an upgrade, Tony went whole hog on bassist Matt Riddle and put him into the hospital where he made him die several times, lose 70 pounds, get rid of his ‘diva-like’ gallbladder and ultimately emerge lean, mean and full of that brand new angst that only getting a seven figure hospital bill can provide. Well, actually, Matt had acute pancreatitis, so we can’t really credit Tony for everything, but you get the idea. This is your uncle’s No Use For A Name in useless name only. In every other way, shit’s fucking upside down, backwards, faster, tighter, more technical, thinner, and less drunk (which sucks, because you’ve never lived until you’ve seen a plastered, shirtless Matt Riddle hugging a giant bottle of Jager in a field in Holland screaming “Dungeons and Dragons!” to the heavens, but alas, like his gallbladder, those days are gone), and the end results are the dawn of a new and exciting era from a band of legends, all with fresh perspective and a bunch of new reasons to turn up the flame under the NUFAN kettle. Shit’s gonna be pretty righteous when the record that’s in the works right now finally comes out and completely reimagines this band’s classic sound, but for now, we can be content with Tony’s solo tours, an upcoming No Use Australian tour, a pair of virtuosos from RKL lending their chops to the NUFAN canon, and of course, the promise of seeing a newly thin, gall bladder-free Matt Riddle. What do you need? A printed invitation? This shit’s gonna be amazing! Don’t be a pussy.
See you at the bar, behind the pit.

No Use For A Name Canadian Dates :
London, ON, Canada
London Music Hall
w/ special guests
June 14, 2012
Toronto, ON, Canada
w/ WAY too many awesome bands to list!
June 15, 2012
Montebello, QC, Canada
D-Tox Rockfest 2012
Montebello Marina
w/ Bad Religion, Good Riddance, and more!

Useless ID On Tour In Canada !

There’s probably nothing quite as punk rock as being a punk in the Middle East and Israeli miscreants Useless ID are the long standing ambassadors of Middle Eastern punk rock to the rest of the world. Armed with eighteen years of experience and a tour history that includes such out of the way spots as China, Belarus and even Siberia, these boys from Haifa City have finally found a home with long time friends Fat Wreck Chords and together they’re bringing you Symptoms, the latest and greatest entry from these four desert punks on February 14th, so this year, forget the chocolates and roses and get your sweetie some good old fashioned punk rock, Middle Eastern style.
Useless ID first started in Haifa in late 1994, but they quickly recorded a demo and took off to California where they met and befriended all their punk rock heroes. It was a risky move that paid off in spades for Useless ID because for the past eighteen years they’ve circled the world zillions of times with bands like NOFX, the Vandals, No Use For A Name and even Die Toten Hosen, who are kind of like the punk rock U2 of Germany and definitely not from California, but you get the idea. Useless ID has been mixing it up with the coolest bands on earth for almost two decades and things are only gonna get more exciting now that Fat’s gotten its chubby little fingers on the sweet jams provided by Symptoms.
When it came time to record Symptoms, Useless ID trekked back to the States from Tel Aviv (current home town) to work at The Blasting Room Studios with the mighty Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore (Rise Against, NOFX), so you know the sound is absolutely dynamite. The end results are twelve tracks of falafel flavored Fat Wreck style jammers tinged with a little more moody introspection than Useless ID is traditionally known for. This is probably due to the fact that bassist/vocalist/songwriter Yotam listened to nothing but Husker Du while he was writing Symptoms. He even ended up with a Husker Du Tattoo by the time the dust cleared.
Anyway, after finishing up the record, Bill Stevenson was so impressed that he hounded label honcho Fat Mike to put it out. Eventually Mike relented and gave the record a spin and well, the rest is history. Useless ID has put out records on their own Falafel Records, Kung Fu and Suburban Home but their sound and attitude have always been classic Fat Wreck. Now, Useless ID is getting ready to hit the road in support of Symptoms, and you can bet your sweet ass they’ll be going everywhere that will have them. Chances are that you’ve never seen four crazy Israelis flailing around on a stage playing punk rock before, so check ‘em out for that reason alone. Or go see ‘em because they’re the legendary, constantly evolving international punk band from the 90’s that you didn’t know existed. Bring ‘em a falafel! Buy ‘em a beer. Tell ‘em hi. They’re seriously the nicest dudes in rock and roll. And my research indicates that they once played a huge fest in Europe while tripping on shrooms. That’s pretty cool.
Playing near you !

 Sherbrooke, QC, 
Bar le Magog
 Quebec City, QC
Le Scanner
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
 Ottawa, ON 
Cafe Dekcuf
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
 Montreal, QC
Foufounes Electriques
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
 Peterborough, ON 
The Montreal House
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
 Welland, ON 
The Rex
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
 Hamilton, ON 
The Casbah Lounge
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
 London, ON
London Music Hall
w/ Fortune Cookie Club
Toronto, ON 
Bovine Sex Club
w/ Fortune Cookie Club

Volcanoes Are Rocking America Right Now

05/25: Pittsburgh, PA - 31st St. Pub
05/26: Akron, OH - Annabell's Bar
05/27: Indianapolis, IN - Vibes
05/28: Chicago, IL - Livewire Lounge
05/29: Madison, WI - The Frequency
05/30: Minneapolis, MN - Kitty Cat Klub

MY BIRTHDAY SHOW! If you live in Toronto come celebrate ME !


NXNE Comes to Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre is pleased to announce that one of the most highly-anticipated music festivals in Canada is once again coming to the heart of Toronto’s waterfront. On June 16 and 17, Harbourfront Centre will host a selection of bands from across the country and around the world.

Now in its 18th year, NXNE (North by Northeast) has established itself as one of the best festival destinations for unsigned bands, indie favourites and major-label artists alike. Over 650 artists from around the world unite in Toronto for 5 jam-packed days of music, nine of which will perform on Harbourfront Centre’s Redpath Stage – for free!

Highlights of the NXNE Festival include:
  • Soviet musical gypsies, Jumple;
  • The People of Canada’s ukulele-led pop;
  • The lo-fi indie-pop of Alphabot!;
  • Pop dignitary Gregory Pepper & His Problems
  • Wannabe: The Spice Girls Tribute Band;
  • …And more!

Listings info is attached. For additional information and complete event listings, the public may visit or call the Information Hotline at 416-973-4000Harbourfront Centre is located at 235 Queens Quay West in the heart of downtown Toronto’s waterfront.


Mike Ryan and Bruce Gillis have a reputation to live up toThe two-piece band from Halifax were voted the Best Band in 2012 and 2011's Best New Artist in the Coast's new music poll. Self-described as "the most noise two Cape Bretoners can make", The Town Heroes make up for their minimalist numbers with their musicianship, passion, and energy. The band's stellar live shows have lead them to showcase at Canadian Music Week and representing Canada at festivals in Germany and the UK.

The band's hilarious blog posts, often writing not-replied-to letters to the likes of Jay-Z or Natalie Portman, has turned many-a-head. But make no qualms, The Town Heroes are serious musicians with a sense of humour.  

With the new EP in tow, The Town Heroes are now bringing their working class anthems and sweat-drenched live show to venues across Ontario. The band will also be making an appearance at Charlottetown's Summerfest, Toronto's North by Northeast and St. Catharines's S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival this June. Download their debut album below. New EP to be serviced later in the summer.

WATCH the official video for Slag Heaps:

May 25 @ Pepper's Pub, SAINT JOHN
May 26  @ The Capital, FREDERICTON
Jun. 2 @ The Pavillion, HALIFAX (All Ages)
Jun. 14 - 16 @ North By Northeast, TORONTO 
Jun. 17 @ Two Doors Down, BRANTFORD
Jun. 19 @ The Horseshoe, TORONTO
Jun. 21 @ The Montreal House, PETERBOROUGH
Jun. 22 @ The FM Lounge, WINDSOR 
Jun. 23 @ Coronation Park, TORONTO (**Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay) 
Jun. 24 @ S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival, ST. CATHERINES
Jun. 29 @ Folly Fest, GAGETOWN VILLAGE
Jun. 30 @ Charlottetown Summerfest, CHARLOTTETOWN (w/ Hey Rosetta)
Jul. 1 @ Alderney Landing Canada Day, DARTMOUTH  (w/ Mother Mother)
Jul. 4 @ Plan B, MONCTON
Jul. 5 @ Fishbones, CHARLOTTETOWN
Jul. 6 @ The Seahorse, HALIFAX

MxPx European Tour!

21.07.2012 A-Wolfurt - Burn Out Festival
27.07.2012 D-Bausendorf - Riez Open Air
28.07.2012 D-Düsseldorf - Scream it out Loud Festival
29.07.2012 D-Dessau - Beat Club
30.07.2012 D-München - Free and Easy Festival
02.08.2012 F-Bordeaux - I-Boat
03.08.2012 ESP-Viveiro - Resurrection Festival
04.08.2012 CH-Gränichen - Open Air
05.08.2012 UK-Blackpool - Rebellion Festival
06.08.2012 UK-York - The Duchees
07.08.2012 UK-Glasgow - Cathouse
08.08.2012 UK-London - Garage
09.08.2012 SWE-Kumla - Frizon Festival
10.08.2012 BEL-Bunsbeek - Kloemprock Festival
11.08.2012 BEL-Ieper - Ieperfestival
12.08.2012 NL-Eindhoven - Kafee Aloys
14.08.2012 ITA-Milano - Carroponte Festival
15.08.2012 SLO-Tolmin - Punk Rock Holiday 2
16.08.2012 A-St. Pölten - FM 4 Frequency Festival

Plans Within Plans is still available through Flix Records

Stream then PURCHASE the new Careers In Science album FOREVERWOLF!


Celebrated Swedish punk band, Millencolin invite fans to stream their upcoming  May 29th release, The Melancholy Connection. This assemblage of b-sides is a follow up to 1999's The Melancholy Collection and features two brand new songs and twelve rarities spanning from their break-out album, Pennybridge Pioneers, through today.  The CD is paired with a ninety minute DVD that takes fans inside the making of Pennybridge Pioneers with never before seen archival footage, interviews with the band and live performances.

Fans are invited to stream The Melancholy Connection in it’s entirely, courtesy of by going HERE

The two new tracks, “Carry You”  and  the never heard before track, “Out From Nowhere,” hold up the classic Millencolin sound with energetic pop infused punk, combined with driving beats, anthemic choruses and irresistible melodies that will please diehard fans and new converts, alike.

“We’re really excited about the new stuff we recorded! We're taking it back to our roots and mixing it with the new sound we've developed over the last years”  says guitarist Erik Ohlsson.

With an impressive string of releases behind them, nearly two million records sold worldwide and having shared stages with the likes of Blink 182, the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, the Örebro based quartet of vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic, guitarists Erik Ohlsson and Mathias Färm and drummer Fredrik Larzon have put together an rousing collection of material that allows fans get an inside look at the past twenty years which have brought Millencolin to where they are today.

For more information:

No Such Noise! Releases Life Goes On EP

The Given Motion give away "Don't Blink" for FREE!

The Given Motion give away 'Don't Blink' for FREE
 'Human Dictionary' Album out NOW | Download/Stream 'Don't Blink' via Soundcloud 
They say the best things in life are free, and they weren’t wrong, especially as New York’s most exciting new rock band are giving away a slamming new track from their debut album‘Human Dictionary’. Their new album was released at the end of April and has been described as “blend together rock music with pop sensibility to deliver a beautifully balanced sound that is sure to catch any listener’s attention". What more could you ask for?
If you’re fans of 30 Second to Mars or The Mars Volta, then you’d be hugely missing out if you didn’t click below to download the newest pop rock force on the scene.
Download The Given Motion's track ‘Don’t Blink’ for absolutely nadda here:


Check out The Given Motion's Website here
"Like" The Given Motion on their official Facebook here
Follow The Given Motion on their Twitter here

Christien Summers joins We Are Serenades May 14 at the Garrison

Currently recording their debut album, Christien Summers have shared the stage with Nightbox, the Balconies, Memoryhouse and Meligrove Band to rave reviews!
"Christien Summers fuse prime '70s dance beats with electronic sounds, striking an excellent balance between vintage sounds and modern sensibility" chartattack
Monday, May 14, 2012
The Garrison
1197 Dundas Street West TORONTO
  Doors 9pm - $10 adv
Tickets available at TicketWeb, Rotate This & Soundscapes


Fiery punk infused rock band The Menzingers are set to embark on an exhilarating North American tour along with the rousing New Jersey punk band, The Bouncing Souls. The Menzingers will also play in New York City with Hot Water Music.  The band continue to attract fans and attention with their high energy inspirational sound featuring powerful melodic guitars, rock steady drumming behind heartfelt anthemic choruses and impassioned poetry of the street lyrics.
The band recently released their anticipated Epitaph-Records debut album On The Impossible Past which received outstanding critical acclaim. The album was recorded at Atlas Studios with longtime collaborators Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms) and Justin Yates. The record retains all the raw vital energy of the band's earlier output, while adding some powerful new twists to the group’s sonic arsenal.

The Menzingers Tour Dates:
The Chance
Higher Ground
Pouzza Festival
TT The Bears
Gramercy Theater
New York

w/ Bouncing Souls 

& Luther

Black Cat

Cats Cradle


State Theater
St. Petersburg

Ft. Lauderdale

The Social

Freebird Live

Vinyl Music Hall

The Mohawk



Nile Theatre

House of Blues
San Diego

Mayan Theatre
Los Angeles

House of Blues
Las Vegas

SLO Brew
San Luis Obispo

San Francisco

San Francisco

The Alley-Sparks

Hawthorne Theater

Chop Suey


Venue Nightclub

In The Venue

Salt Lake City


The Summit Music Hall


First Avenue


Magic Stick

Beachland Ballroom

Mr. Smalls Theatre

House of Blues

^ w/ Bouncing Souls, Holy Mess & Luther.

^^ w/ The Holy Mess & Luther

^^^ w/ Hot Water Music, Luther