Useless ID On Tour In Canada

There’s probably nothing quite as punk rock as being a punk in the Middle East and Israeli miscreants Useless ID are the long standing ambassadors of Middle Eastern punk rock to the rest of the world. Armed with eighteen years of experience and a tour history that includes such out of the way spots as China, Belarus and even Siberia, these boys from Haifa City have finally found a home with long time friends Fat Wreck Chords and together they’re bringing you Symptoms, the latest and greatest entry from these four desert punks on February 14th, so this year, forget the chocolates and roses and get your sweetie some good old fashioned punk rock, Middle Eastern style.
Useless ID first started in Haifa in late 1994, but they quickly recorded a demo and took off to California where they met and befriended all their punk rock heroes. It was a risky move that paid off in spades for Useless ID because for the past eighteen years they’ve circled the world zillions of times with bands like NOFX, the Vandals, No Use For A Name and even Die Toten Hosen, who are kind of like the punk rock U2 of Germany and definitely not from California, but you get the idea. Useless ID has been mixing it up with the coolest bands on earth for almost two decades and things are only gonna get more exciting now that Fat’s gotten its chubby little fingers on the sweet jams provided by Symptoms.
When it came time to record Symptoms, Useless ID trekked back to the States from Tel Aviv (current home town) to work at The Blasting Room Studios with the mighty Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore (Rise Against, NOFX), so you know the sound is absolutely dynamite. The end results are twelve tracks of falafel flavored Fat Wreck style jammers tinged with a little more moody introspection than Useless ID is traditionally known for. This is probably due to the fact that bassist/vocalist/songwriter Yotam listened to nothing but Husker Du while he was writing Symptoms. He even ended up with a Husker Du Tattoo by the time the dust cleared.
Anyway, after finishing up the record, Bill Stevenson was so impressed that he hounded label honcho Fat Mike to put it out. Eventually Mike relented and gave the record a spin and well, the rest is history. Useless ID has put out records on their own Falafel Records, Kung Fu and Suburban Home but their sound and attitude have always been classic Fat Wreck. Now, Useless ID is getting ready to hit the road in support of Symptoms, and you can bet your sweet ass they’ll be going everywhere that will have them. Chances are that you’ve never seen four crazy Israelis flailing around on a stage playing punk rock before, so check ‘em out for that reason alone. Or go see ‘em because they’re the legendary, constantly evolving international punk band from the 90’s that you didn’t know existed. Bring ‘em a falafel! Buy ‘em a beer. Tell ‘em hi. They’re seriously the nicest dudes in rock and roll. And my research indicates that they once played a huge fest in Europe while tripping on shrooms. That’s pretty cool.
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