THE REAL McKENZIES On Tour In Canada !!

THE REAL McKENZIES are not just a band. They are an unstoppable touring machine. A road-hardened crew of traveling minstrels, entertainers and vagabonds on a never-ending quest for good times. For the past 20 years, this ferocious gang of miscreants has been captivating audiences around the globe with their addictive, uncompromising and undeniably heartfelt music. Featuring a diverse and insanely talented roster of musicians, The Real McKenzies draw on both acoustic and electric instruments to blend a potent concoction of classic punk, rock n' roll, hard folk and traditional Celtic influence. Anthemic guitars and soaring bagpipes play off each other as Paul McKenzie spins yarns of times long past and regales with tales of endless drunken revelries. Blistering punk rock boot stompers stand alongside passionate sing-along ballads while good times and joyous camaraderie are all the order of the day.
Fueled by an insatiable need to share the McKenzies’ gospel with the world, the boys are equally at home playing to 20,000 screaming football fans in the heart of Germany as they are to a few hundred punks in the dirtiest, darkest, most disreputable clubs of the Canadian wilderness. After more than two decades, 8 full-length albums, countless compilation appearances and singles, The Real McKenzies have earned a reputation that is second to none. They’ve shared the stage with Rancid, NOFX, Flogging Molly, The Misfits, Pennywise, Shane McGowan and Metallica just to name a few, all the while garnering new friends and fans along the way.
And now they’re back with their first studio album in 4 years. Westwinds is packed to the brim with roaring, rollicking and epic tales that shanghai the listener on a thirteen song, sea-tossed journey through the wild and wonderful world of The Real McKenzies. Recorded over several months at Crabapple Downs by the phenomenal Steve Loree, Westwinds is a sonic shot across the bow, a record that demands your attention. From the unapologetic raised middle figure salute of “Fool’s Road” to the hook-laden tongue-in-cheek “My Luck Is So Bad” to one of the most poignant and blood-pumping renditions of “Barrett’s Privateers (Stan Rogers)” that you’ll ever hear, this killer album is set to become an instant classic in the collections of both new and diehard fans alike. Much like a fine single malt scotch, The Real McKenzies only get better with age.

Catch them live and buy them (and yourself ) a whiskey !

Toronto, ON Canada
Opera House
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Montreal, QC, Canada
Club Soda
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Quebec City, QC, Canada
Le Cercle
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

London, ON Canada
London Music Hall
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Hamilton, ON Canada
This Aint Hollywood
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Waterloo, ON Canada
Starlight Club
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Ottawa, ON Canada
Ritual Nightclub
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Winnipeg, MB Canada
Pyramid Cabaret
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Yorkton, SK Canada
Gallagher Centre
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Regina, SK Canada
The Exchange
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Calgary, AB Canada
Dickens Pub
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Edmonton, AB Canada
The Starlite Room
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Nelson, BC Canada
Royal Hotel
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Vancouver, BC Canada
The Red Room on Richards
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Vancouver, BC Canada
The Red Room on Richards
w/ Reverend Horton Heat

Victoria, BC Canada
Club 9ONE9
w/ Reverend Horton Heat