Much Dance '97 pwn3d Much Dance Mix '95

For those who don't know me, know this: I am fact retardant.
My poor memory combined with being a pothead, combined with a wild, overactive imagination, has pretty much ensured me that no matter what I learn, I will somehow not only forget it but actually make up something different in it's place. For example, Amy Jo Johnson aka the Pink Ranger was on Felicity and she played a deaf broad. My mind somehow convinced me that SHE was deaf in real life and I proceeded to tell everybody that fakefact every time Power Rangers was brought up, which was a lot. I guess I had forgotten that she a) is an actor b) played a deaf character on a show I watched religiously (shhh) and c) had a deaf friend named Melissa in Power Rangers. So naturally I decided that she MUST be deaf in real life and just an outstanding actor!
it feels good to be every boy's first wet dream!

So of course since everybody talks about how Much Dance '95 is the best, I automatically assumed that because 1) I couldn't remember which one '95 was and 2) I had absolutely LOVED the one Much Dance album that I had, that the two must be one and the same.
Again, only recently after agreeing with numerous people that '95 was the best, I tragically found out that the album I was referring to in my head wasn't '95 at all. It was '97.
Now I feel like I need to set the record straight.


Seriously, just look at the track listing:

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Hypnotize"
LL Cool J - "Doin' It"
Wyclef Jean - "We Tryin' To Stay Alive"
Robyn - "Do You Know (What It Takes)"
Savage Garden - "I Want You"
Hanson - "MMMBop"
Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans & 112 - "I'll Be Missing You"
Unique II - "Break My Stride"
Jet Fuel - "Hang On! Here We Go"
U2 - "Discothèque"
Diana King - "I Say A Little Prayer"
The Cardigans - "Love Fool"
Backstreet Boys - "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"
OMC - "How Bizarre"
Love Inc. - "Broken Bones"
DJ Company - "Rhythm Of Love"
KRS-One - "Step Into A World"

*note: there's also a Much Dance MIX '97, but that's not even worth mentioning.*

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Check out the new EP from Mookie Morris!

The Snips On Tour!

After years of sorting and scratching through the dense bush known as the music industry, The Snips have decided to pick up the clippers and crop their own path. On August 14th, 2012 The Snips released their latest and highly anticipated new record “Highs Of Low” on Rival Party Records. Three years removed from the release of 2009's Blackouts EP, the band has sonically managed to completely shake things up. In the esoteric fashion that is inherently present within The Snips camp, the band has stepped away from the footprints of their contemporaries and relocated themselves in a much dirtier and unpolished place. With the guidance of Dan Weston (City and Colour, Attack In Black, Living With Lions) the band yet again has come up with a fresh treat in a stale cupboard. Ricky Pridmore (vocals), Brent Fulop (drums), Barty Breton (bass) and marble rye axe-men Tone Ventresca and Chris Accursi are more than pumped to ditch the conventional record release plan and do things on their own terms.

Back after touring a month through Europe, The Snips will be laying some ground work in their own territory. With upcoming Canadian and American tours, a plethora of music videos, endless Blogs, Vlogs and contests (unless you live under a rock) you’re bound to hear/see/smell/feel The Snips becoming one of your favorite bands.

Catch them live ! Dec. 6 – Burlington @Burly Calling
Dec. 7 – Sherbrooke @Woodstock Bar –
Dec. 8 - Trois-Rivieres @Rock Café Le Stage -
Dec. 12 - St. Catharines @L3
Dec.14 – Windsor @FM Lounge
Dec. 15 – London @Call the Office
Dec. 20 – Montreal @P'tit Campus
Dec. 21 – Toronto @Sneaky Dee’s
Dec. 22 – Barrie @Fitzy’s
Dec. 28 – Brantford @Charly’s
Dec. 29 – Welland @The Rex

Listen to the new Grounders album HERE for FREE!

New track from The Parlour Suite !

That's right folks!
They're offering up their new song called "We Belong Together" for free!
You can download it HERE!


It’s mere seconds into a typical track by The Motorleague that listeners realize what they’re in for. Be it a blistering single-string guitar riff delivered through an amp that’s seemingly been set afire or a bludgeoning smash to the snare drum, this band delivers its punk-influenced hard rock with an unrelenting urgency from start to finish. Or at least that was the case with the band’s heralded 2009 debut LP, Black Noise, and its 10 hooky, bottom-heavy bangers; however, while their 2013 forthcoming follow-up Acknowledge, Acknowledge features a flurry of high-energy, riff-anchored rock, it’s also much more dynamic and expressive – and that was the idea from the outset.

Formed in Moncton, NB with relics of revered local rock outfits The Ditchpigs and The Monoxides, The Motorleague was originally an outlet for lead vocalist/guitarist/primary songwriter Don Levandier and his band mates to blend a penchant for ‘90s skate punk with the sludgier sounds of stoner rock. “I never knew whether I wanted to be in a punk band or Fu Manchu rip-off,” Levandier says of the group’s formative years, and even now, traces of each are audible in the band’s output.

Having undergone more than its fair share of lineup changes, and with the release of Acknowledge, Acknowledge looming ever closer, The Motorleague has marked a new beginning with a firmly-cemented stable of players set to carry the banner forward. Joining Levandier are Shawn Chaisson (bass/vocals), Francis Landry (drums), Andrew Greig (guitar/vocals), and Nathan Jones (guitar/vocals). And while their influences are still on their sleeves, over time, The Motorleague has morphed into a rock band that exists strictly on its own terms.

Black Noise and its sinfully catchy single “Hymn For The Newly Departed” attracted quite a bit of attention to the band. In addition to taking home two East Coast Music Awards and one Music New Brunswick award in 2010, The Motorleague has also performed alongside contemporaries like Alexisonfire, Flogging Molly, Rise Against, Priestess, and Propagandhi, from whom they’ve also borrowed their moniker. The group still holds the release dear, though with their latest, wanted to showcase a wider spectrum of what they can do.

Produced by Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, The Creepshow), Acknowledge, Acknowledge and recent digital release Litany for The Completely Forgettable is an extension of the sound established with its predecessor. Tracks like lead single “Good Men” or “We Are All Going Directly To Hell” are dense and dirty with the familiar slick riffs, huge harmonies, and anthemic choruses that unite lost voices. “Love Letter To A Landmass,” on the other hand, is slightly more upbeat and boasts a healthy dose of mainstream rock. Others like “Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen” and “Burned In Effigy” are more sparse in their arrangement, drawing the focus to Levandier’s fine-tuned vocal phrasing and lyrics.

“A lot of these songs deal with frustrations,” Levandier explains delving into his words. From the Internet turning into an arena of hatred to the hardships of being on the road to the band’s geographical underpinnings, Levandier says it’s a simple of matter of writing about what he knows and sees – and that honest and pure approach spreads throughout every aspect of The Motorleague.

“We’re not a new band,” Levandier says. “We’ve been at this for years; we’ve played some big shows and been to some cool places. Now we want to get out of this east coast trap and push onwards.” Armed with a new collection of songs and plenty of piss and vinegar, The Motorleague will soon be impossible to ignore, infecting audiences across North America with their intense live performances and now-signature hard rock styling's. Acknowledge, Acknowledge indeed…

Check them out live !!
Tues-Nov-13 - Windsor, ON @ The Phog
Thurs-Nov-15-Edmonton, AB @ Wunderbar
Fri-Nov-16-Calgary, AB @ Palamino
Sun-Nov-18-Red Deer, AB @ Slumland Theatre
Weds-Nov-21-Toronto, On @ Bovine
Thurs-Nov 22-Montreal, QC @ L’Absynthe

Accidents Will Happen - "Time"


Toro Y Moi will be going out on his biggest tour yet this upcoming year, headlining shows at venues such as The Fonda Theatre in LA, 9:30 Club in DC, Metro in Chicago, and Webster Hall in NY. Toro Y Moi fans are able able to buy tickets for this tour through his site now, four days in advance of general public sale.

The product of a move from South Carolina to Berkeley, CA and the subsequent extended separation from loved ones, Toro Y Moi's third full-length, Anything in Return, puts Chaz Bundick right in the middle of the producer/songwriter dichotomy that his first two albums established. There's a pervasive sense of peace with his tendency to dabble in both sides of the modern music-making spectrum, and he sounds comfortable engaging in intuitive pop production and putting forth the impression of unmediated id. The producer's hand is prominent- not least in the sampled "yeah"s and "uh"s that give the album a hip-hop-indebted confidence- and many of the songs feature the 4/4 beats and deftly employed effects usually associated with house music. Tracks like "High Living" and "Day One" show a considerably Californian influence, their languid funk redolent of a West Coast temperament, and elsewhere- not least on lead single, "So Many Details"- the record plays with darker atmospheres than we're used to hearing from Toro Y Moi. Sounding quite assured in what some may call this songwriter's return to producer-hood, Anything in Return is Bundick uninhibited by issues of genre, an album that feels like the artist's essence.

Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Chaz Bundick has been toying with various musical projects since early adolescence. Having spent his formative years playing in punk and indie rock acts, his protean Toro Y Moi project has been his vessel for further musical exploration since 2001. During his time spent studying graphic design at the University of South Carolina, Chaz became increasingly focused on his solo work, incorporating electronics and allowing a wider range of influences- French house, Brian Wilson's pop, 80s R&B, and Stones Throw hip-hop- to show up in his music. By the time he graduated in spring 2009, Chaz had refined his sound to something all his own. Music journals across the board touted his hazy recordings as the sound of the summer, and he released his debut album, Causers of This in early 2010.

Since then, Bundick has proven himself to be not just a prolific musician, but a diverse one as well, letting each successive release broaden the scope of the Toro Y Moi oeuvre. The funky psych-pop of 2011's Underneath the Pine evinced an artist who could create similar atmospheres even without the aid of source material and drum machines. His Freaking OutEP, a handful of singles and remixes, and a retrospective box-set plot points all along the producer/songwriter spectrum in which he's worked since his debut, and Anything In Return is another exciting offering that shows he's still not ready to settle into any one genre.  


1-30 -  Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
1-31 - El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls *
2-01 - Dallas, TX - Trees
2-02 - Austin, TX - Emo's East
2-04 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's
2-05 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
2-06 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade (Heaven Stage)
2-08 - Carrboro, NC - Cats Cradle
2-09 - Richmond, VA - The National
2-10 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
2-11 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
2-13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
2-15 - Boston, MA - Paradise
2-16 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda
2-17 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace *
2-19 - Chicago, IL - Metro
2-20 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe
2-21 - Lawrence, KS - The Granada Theatre
2-23 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater
2-24 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
2-26 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret
2-27 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
2-28 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom 
3-03 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre
* w/ Wild Belle

Toro Y Moi 
Anything In Return 
Carpark Records 
Street Date: Jan 22, 2013 
1. Harm In Change
2. Say That
3. So Many Details
4. Rose Quartz
5. Touch
6. Cola
7. Studies
8. High Living
9. Grown Up Calls
10. Cake
11. Day One
12. Never Matter
13. How's It Wrong



Check it out yo! Cadence Weapon is on tour, and playing Toronto on October 12 @ Wrongbar. GO TO THAT. Seriously. See below for the rest of the tour dates ANNNNNND check out the new video for "Jukebox" !!! WOO


Midnight Hour, new single + video



Chris Lawhorn Announces Charity Album Based Around Fugazi Samples

Chris Lawhorn will release his fifth album Fugazi Edits on October 30th on Case/Martingale Records. Fugazi Edits features 22 tracks, which were pieced together using excerpts from every song in the band Fugazi's discography.

The album's been in the works for almost two years. It's entirely instrumental and combines over 100 Fugazi samples with a variety of effects. Ian Mackaye (from the band and their label Dischord) has authorized the album's release. And, the profit from will be donated to a pair of charities—one that works with senior citizens in Washington, D.C. and another that provides aid globally to folks impacted by disaster and civil unrest.

Lawhorn started the Case/Martingale label in 1996, while playing drums for the (admittedly Fugazi-influenced) band Cataract Falls. A decade of disastrous tours and middling solo albums followed. Along the way, he became the staff DJ at a spring break company—playing for drunk, college students on South Padre Island each March—and recorded the rap album Pole Position.

This gradual switch from rocking to beat-making isn't exceptionally unique. But, it led to an 18 month stint as the resident DJ for Marie Claire magazine. When that concluded, Lawhorn began work on Fugazi Edits—in an attempt to make something that employed both the musical influences of his youth and his love of cutting up tracks and reassembling them.

Interested folks can visit to check out samples from the album, the artwork, and so on.



The decline in major label driven artist development dollars has left many artists in need of substantial entrepreneur skills to launch their careers. Coalition Music is pleased to announce that the next intake of its successful Artist Entrepreneur Program will be starting October 15, 2012 and running until December 20, 2012. Aspiring artists will receive comprehensive instruction on elements of the music industry including branding, communications, live recording, funding programs, media training, and touring logistics among other focuses.  
The Artist Entrepreneur Program provides artists with these entrepreneurial skills in a ten week instructional overview of the industry taught by Coalition Music’s team of in-house managers, marketers, social media, touring, promotion and publicity experts. Past guest speakers include industry professionals from SOCAN, eOne Music, and Feldman & Associates, recording artists including Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace and Jason Parsons of Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS), and major producers including Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Pink Floyd).
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Touring
  • Live sound
  • Band agreements
  • Band psychology
  • Publishing
  • Finances, banking, accounting
  • Management
  • Social media
  • Merch
  • Songwriting
  • Recording
  • Performing
  • Music supervision
  • Funding and grants
  • Radio
  • Talent buying
Emerging artists such as Hello Operator and recent seven time Music Nova Scotia Award nominee Ben Caplan are recent artists who participated in the Artist Entrepreneur Program. Expanding on the skills he acquired in the program, Ben Caplan has grown his brand both nationally and internationally with touring set in Canada and abroad into 2013. “It’s a fantastic program and the skills that I picked up from it and the knowledge of the music industry I learned have helped me get to this point in my career,” says Caplan, “I’m really glad to say that I graduated from this program.” 
Artists interested in discussing more about how Coalition Music can give their career the focus and direction it deserves are encouraged to contact Jesse Mitchell at  or 416.755.0025.
Coalition Music is a full service management company; music licensing, online creative, press and publicity departments are just a glimpse into the fully developed company that Coalition Music has evolved into since its inception.

Eric Lawrence and Rob Lanni started working together in the mid ‘80s having worked with such acts as Sheriff, Frozen Ghost and Wild ‘T’ & The Spirit. They formed Coalition Entertainment Management in 1992 when they began managing Our Lady Peace. Current recording artist roster includes: Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, Simple Plan, These Kids Wear Crowns, Faber Drive, Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS) and more.
In 2010, Coalition Music made a home at 1731 Lawrence Ave. East in a full-scale facility housing the office, rehearsal spaces and recording studios and providing space for educational programs. Originally a convent, the space is now a top industry space connecting artists and industry professionals all under one roof.




The first time he played Toronto three years ago, NO BUNNY flew to Chicago and picked up a bunch of teenagers to back him up on the trip -- THE SMITH WESTERNS!!!...
...this time, once again, he's outdone himself and is bringing Austin, Texas's BAD SPORTS, a band we're dying to see!!! it off with Toronto's POW WOWS (Get Hip Records) -- one of our city's greatest next wave acts -- and this is the avant-garage show of season!



Tuesday September 18 at the Silver Dollar!
Doors 8:30PM

Cuff The Duke add more shows to upcoming tour in support of Union.

Cuff The Duke have added a number of shows to their upcoming tour in support of their new album Union. Full list of dates below. Their beautiful new single 'Side By Side (feat. Basia Bulat)' is available for download now as part of a new Paper Bag Records' Fall Sampler. Loss Leader also includes new singles from The Luyas and Slim Twig as well as the debut single from Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians. Download Loss Leader here.

Tour Dates:
September 22 MONTREAL, QC @ Cabaret Du Mile End with The Sadies
September 28 TORONTO, ON @ The Great Hall (PBR10)
October 5 WINNIPEG, MB @ Park Theatre
October 6 REGINA, SK @ The Exchange
October 7 SASKATOON, SK @ Amigo’s Café
October 8&9 CALGARY, AB @ Ironwood with Jenn Grant
October 10 LETHBRIDGE, AB @ Geomatic with Jenn Grant
October 11 RED DEER, AB @ Hideout with Jenn Grant
October 12&13 EDMONTON, AB @ Haven with Jenn Grant
October 17 KELOWNA, BC @ Sapphire with Jenn Grant
October 18 VANCOUVER, BC @ Biltmore with Jenn Grant
October 20 NELSON, BC @ The Royal
October 25 LONDON, ON @ Aeolian with Jenn Grant
October 27 GUELPH, ON @ Dublin Street Church with Jenn Grant
October 30 WATERLOO, ON @ Starlight Social Lounge with Jenn Grant
November 13 ST. CATHERINES, ON @ Mansion House
November 16 OTTAWA, ON @ Mavericks
November 17 PETERBOROUGH, ON @ The Red Dog
November 20 MONTREAL, QC @ Petit Campus with Jenn Grant
November 21, KINGSTON, ON @ Chalmers United Church with Jenn Grant
November 22 BURNSTOWN, ON @ Neat Café with Jenn Grant
November 23 HAMILTON, ON @ Molson Canadian Studio
November 24 TORONTO, ON @ Winter Garden Theatre with Jenn Grant

Stream the new Moka Only album!

Stream the new TOY album !


sept 6th - maxwell's music house - waterloo, on
sept 8th - 3PM in store performance at dr. disc, Hamilton, on
sept 8th- 8PM Corktown, Hamilton, ON
sept 9th - jimmy jazz, guelph, ON
sept 10th - the spill, peterborough, ON
sept 11th - the atria, oshawa, ON
sept 12th - YGK Fest @ the mansion, Kingston, ON
sept 13th - Barfly, Mtl. QC
sept 15th - Plan B, Moncton, NB
sept 16th- Gus', Halifax, NS
sept 18th- Avant Garde Bar, Ottawa, ON

You can download "Another" for FREE right hurr


DARKO streaming NEW TRACK!

Sparrows Announce Fall U.S. Tour Co-Sponsored By PropertyOfZack, UnderTheGun

Sparrows has announced a month-long fall tour that will run through the Northeast, East Coast and Midwestern United States. The tour, which starts this weekend in Burlington, VT, is being co-sponsored by and These two websites will be bringing a host of unique content from Sparrows' time on the road, including a tour diary and exclusive photos & videos. The tour admat is below.
Sparrows' fall tour comes on the heels of the U.S. release of the band's Goliath EP. The five-song release was originally released only in Canada, but it was brought to the states in cassette format with a digital download via Paper + Plastick Records.
This tour will also serve as a bridge between the cassette release of Goliath and Sparrows' upcoming three-song EP, Ghosts From Our Past. The new EP will see an October release that has not yet been announced, but the three brand-new songs will be made available digitally and on vinyl. This release is not in conjunction with Paper + Plastick Records.
Goliath is recommended for fans of Thursday, Thrice, Hot Water Music and Moneen. The EP has received positive initial reviews and Sparrows' determined brand of emotional post-hardcore is an easy one to latch onto.

Goliath - Sparrows
U.S. cassette release August 21, 2012

1. Teething
2. Shook Them Bones
3. Sleeping In the Second Between Breaths
4. Salesman At the Pulpit, Congregation of Sheep
5. Get Miserable



Sneaks is celebrating their 25th birthday in true Sneak’s fashion, with big events and even bigger special performances! The 25th anniversary concert series will kick off on September 13th and go through to October 31st.

The first of many special surprise performances will be a double header from BC’s pop punk ambassadors GOB on September 13th and 14th. The last time Sneaky Dee’s hosted Gob was back in October of 2006. The band is coming off of a string of sold-out shows in BC and Alberta, including a jaw dropping performance supporting Billy Talent on the main stage of Edmonton’s summer festival highlight, Boonstock. There is no doubt both shows are sure to be a sweaty success as fans pile into the small venue for two very special nights that are unlikely to ever be duplicated.

The band is working on a new record, meanwhile lead singer Tom Thacker has joined Sum 41. GOB formed in 1993 and quickly became Vans Warped Tour favourites. Their 2003 LP Foot in Mouth Disease was a MuchMusic heavyweight with singles “I Hear You Calling” and “Give Up The Grudge”.

Tickets cost $20 in advance and will be available at Rotate This and

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and use the #SD25 hashtag to spread the word!

Follow @TheSneakyDees for ticket and show updates!

Paper Bag Records set to celebrate tenth anniversary with three nights of music at Toronto's Great Hall.

Paper Bag Records is ecstatic to announce details of the label's comprehensive and genre-bending Tenth Anniversary celebrations which will take place in Toronto on September 27th, 28th and 29th at The Great Hall. PBR10 will see most of the label's current roster performing over the three nights. PBR10 highlights include: headline sets from Elliott BROOD & Friends, The Rural Alberta Advantage and the return of Vancouver's You Say Party. All proceeds from the event to benefit MusiCounts, Canada's music education charity. PBR10 tickets are available now.

PBR 10
Tenth Anniversary Concert Series
Thursday, September 27th
Elliott BROOD & Friends
Born Ruffians
The Acorn

Friday, September 28th
The Rural Alberta Advantage
Cuff The Duke
PS I Love You
Slim Twig

Saturday, September 29th
Secret Guest
You Say Party
Young Galaxy
The Luyas

Tickets will be available at: ROTATE THIS, SOUNDSCAPES and at
Single night: $25.00
3 Day Pass: $60.00

Paper Bag Records is one of North America’s finest independent record labels. Based in Toronto, the label has cultivated an exciting and diverse roster which includes both domestic and international talent. Recently, the label also became the Canadian home for Montreal's The Luyas, Tim Hecker and Moonface. In its tenth-year of existence, Paper Bag Records is currently working with an exciting active roster of Austra, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Cuff The Duke, Elliott BROOD, PS I Love You, Young Galaxy, Born Ruffians, The Acorn, Winter Gloves, Woodhands, Slim Twig, CFCF and Sally Shapiro.

Paper Bag Records was created with the intention of focusing specifically on the Toronto-area indie rock music scene. Initial signings were Broken Social Scene and Stars. The label also helped launched the careers of controller.controller and Tokyo Police Club.

For two years in a row, Paper Bag Records was given the title of 'Best Label' from Toronto's Now Magazine in their Best of 2008 and 2009 issues. In 2011, The Toronto Star said that Paper Bag Records is "having one of the best years of its existence" and in early 2012, The Grid recognized the label as a "cornerstone of Canadian music".

MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity associated with The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) is helping to keep music alive in schools across Canada. MusiCounts’ mission is to ensure that children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, have access to music programs through their schools. MusiCounts includes Band Aid musical instrument grants, the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award, Scholarships and other music education initiatives. To date, MusiCounts has awarded nearly $5 million dollars to help keep music alive, impacting 262 Post-Secondary graduates and an estimated 400,000 students, their schools and communities. For more information, please visit:

The Rural Alberta Advantage announce fall tour with Dan Mangan.

The Rural Alberta Advantage Fall Tour Dates with Dan Mangan
October 24 - Kingston, ON - Sydenham United Church
October 25 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall
October 27 - London, ON - London Music Hall
October 29 - Chicago, IL - Schuba's
October 30 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
November 01 - Winnipeg, MB - Burton Cummings
November 02 - Regina, SK - Knox Met
November 03 - Saskatoon, SK – Odeon
November 05 - Edmonton, AB – Winspear
November 07 - Nelson, BC - Live at the Royal
November 08 - Kelowna, BC - Kelowna Community Theatre
November 09 - Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Less Than Jake Announces Midwest Tour Dates with A Wilhelm Scream, Junior Battles

Less Than Jake has announced a string of tour dates in the Northeast and Midwest between Riot Fest Toronto and Riot Fest Dallas, with Riot Fest Chicago included in the middle. The tour will be supported by A Wilhelm Scream and Junior Battles, and tickets for all the dates go on sale on July 27.
This tour is part of Less Than Jake's 20th Anniversary Tour, a year-long celebration of the band's second decade together. This year has taken the band across the northeast, to South America, and across the pond to the UK and Europe so far.
Less Than Jake is currently supporting two recent releases, the Greetings From... and Season's Greetings From... EPs, which came out in summer and February 2012, respectively. A Wilhelm Scream's last released was a self-titled five-song EP on Paper + Plastick Records in 2009, and the band is currently recording a new album. Junior Battles is supporting its Idle Ages full-length, released in summer 2011 on Paper + Plastick.

Less Than Jake 20th Anniversary Tour Dates:
Aug 10 Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live (tickets)
Aug 11 Orlando, FL Beacham Theatre (tickets)
Aug 19 Hartford, CT Scion Festival Stage @ Comcast Theatre
Aug 23 London, UK Barfly
Aug 24 Leeds, UK Leeds Festival
Aug 25 Southend, UK Chinnery’s
Aug 26 Reading, UK Reading Festival
Aug 31 Gainesville, FL High Dive (formerly known as Double Down Live) [tickets]
Sep 1 Gainesville, FL High Dive (formerly known as Double Down Live) [tickets]
With A Wilhelm Scream, Junior Battles:
Sep 9 Toronto, OR RIOT FEST
Sep 10 Pawtucket, RI
Sep 11 New Haven, CT
Sep 12 Allentown, PA
Sep 13 Cleveland, OH
Sep 14 Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 16 Chicago, IL RIOT FEST
Sep 18 Bloomington, IL
Sep 19 St. Louis, MO
Sep 20 Omaha, NE
Sep 21 Tulsa, OK
Sep 22 Dallas, TX RIOT FEST

The Atom Age On Tour In Canada !

The Atom Age hail from Oakland, CA. This 5 piece band play 60's garage/punk and are heavily influenced by bands like Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, and the Sonics. The boys from Oakland deliver a rock n' roll assault on their sophomore release "The Hottest Thing That's Cool".

Horn tinged rock n' roll is the best description for this band, but it's no secret that the band takes great pride in their influence from Rocket From The Crypt. They've gone as far to say that without Rocket, there would be no Atom Age.

On tour with Down By Law in Canada this August !

8/11 Vancouver, BC @ Funky Winkerbeans
8/13 Calgary, AB @ Dickens Pub
8/14 Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
8/16 Regina, SK @ The Exchange
8/17 Winnipeg, MB @ Osborne Village Inn
8/18 Thunder Bay, ON @ Crock's
8/20 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
8/22 London, ON @ Call the Office
8/23 Montreal, QC @ Underworld
8/24 Kingston, ON @ The Mansion

Russ Rankin Streams "When I Pray" on Punknews

Russ Rankin is streaming a new song called "When I Pray" on The song comes from his upcoming debut solo record, Farewell Catalonia, which comes out on August 7 via Paper + Plastick Records. Please link your readers to the song stream.
Rankin will be releasing more new songs next week leading up to the album's release, and a full album stream will be available the week before the street date.
Paper + Plastick Records will put up preorders for vinyl and digital copies of the record on Tuesday, July 24.

Russ Rankin - Farewell Catalonia
August 7, 2012
Paper + Plastick Records
Download album art

1. Pushing Daisies
2. Departures
3. American Amnesia
4. Points Between
5. This Is What We Get
6. Cold Blues
7. Flesh and Bone
8. Get A Room
9. Indivisible
10. When I Pray
11. Shine
12. Under the Hours


Celebrating three decades of life in the political and musical hinterlands, Propagandhi will release their sixth studio album, Failed States, on September 4th. The album’s first single “Failed States” debuts today and can be heard now by going HERE. Fans can pre-order Failed States now at The Epitaph Store. Additionally, Propagandhi will kick off a North American tour in September with support from Comback Kid. Dates are listed below.

Failed States willfully careens between brazen metallic tendencies and the ragged punk rock roots of Propagandhi's earlier work, further raising the lyrical and musical bar set by their critically-acclaimed 2009 release, Supporting Cast(e).

“Our goal is always to create a no-holds-barred, forward-thinking, tip-of-the-hat to the giants -- Voivod, Rush, NoMeansNo, SNFU, Sacrifice, Razor, Guilt Parade – that have gone before us,” says vocalist and guitarist, Jesus H. Chris. “We are in their debt and take the mission seriously. Even when we're singing about liking Kurt Russell as Captain Ron, we take the mission seriously. Failed States is our most formidable – and to me personally, our most surprising -- attempt at conjuring the numinous from the quotidian. Yes, I had to look those words up.”

The result is one of the band’s most forward thinking and musically varied albums to date. Failed States is not simply proof of Propagandhi's continued dedication to pushing their musical boundaries, but an evocative (and provocative) meditation on human nature, meaning and life under an expanding, planet-wide technocracy. Ranging from dynamic, progressive rock of “Note To Self” to the accelerated heaviness of “Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report)” and blazing thrash cuts like “Hadron Collision” and “Things I Like,” Propagandhi has created a truly monumental sixth album.

Stay tuned to and to hear new music from Failed States and for news about Propagandhi!

Failed States Track Listing:
Note to Self - 5:56
Failed States - 1:54
Devil's Creek - 2:32
Rattan Cane - 3:06
Hadron Collision - 1:37
Status Update - 1:05
Cognitive Suicide - 3:42
Things I Like - 1:59
Unscripted Moment - 4:10
Dark Matters - 3:16
Lotus Gait - 3:15
Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report) - 4:34

Propagandhi Tour Dates:


London Music Hall




Phoenix Theatre








La Tulipe




Hotel la Sagueneenne




Imperial de Quebec

Quebec City



Middle East Club




Highline Ballroom

New York



Le Poisson Rouge

New York



Union Transfer




Otto Bar




Altar Bar


Gaslight Anthem DRINKING GAME!!! ! FUN FUN FUN !

Below is the "Gaslight Anthem Handwritten Drinking Game" I highly recommend only choosing one of the words, you will be passed out by track 3 if you try otherwise.

Something looks a little off with the poster - I think it needs an instagram filter. Given The Gaslight Anthem's fanbase consists mainly of guys who fashion their facial hair like Snidely Whiplash and girls with nautical tattoos who have never seen an ocean it only seems fitting.




AUXtv has put up Careers In Science's sweet new video, "You Should Make Mistakes" on their website. If it gets enough views it'll move up the ladder and become TV-worthy.
Watch this awesome 2 minute video, and tell your friends to do the same!!

The Sadies set to tour Canada in support of Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

The Sadies are pleased to announce that they will be touring Canada in November as support to Neil Young & Crazy Horse (full list of dates below).  TheJuno Award winners will be returning to the studio with producer Gary Louris in the fall to begin recording the follow-up to the Polaris Music Prize short-listed albumDarker Circles

In 2010, the band saw their collaboration with Neil Young on a cover of "This Wheel's On Fire" released on the A Canadian Celebration of the Band album.  The Sadies recently received rave reviews for their collaboration with Andre WilliamsNight & Day. 

Consisting of brothers Dallas and Travis Good, drummer Mike Belitsky and upright bassist Sean Dean, The Sadies’ reputation as “musician’s musicians” and “a real working band” has been earned in roadhouses and bucket-of-blood bars as well as theaters and festivals all over the world where, for the last 14 years, they have astonished audiences with their earthy arsenal of traditional roots music, country, spaghetti western excursions, surf, garage rock, psychedelia, and the slippery beast known as alt rock, all with uncanny precision and passion.

 Neil Young & Crazy Horse November Tour Dates
November 11th - Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena with Los Lobos & The Sadies   

November 13th - Calgary, AB @ Scotiabank Saddledome with Los Lobos & The Sadies

November 14th - Saskatoon, SK @ Credit Union Centre with Los Lobos & The Sadies
November 16th - Winnipeg, MB @ MTS Centre with Los Lobos & The Sadies   
November 19th - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre with Los Lobos & The Sadies
November 23rd - Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre with Patti Smith and Her Band & The Sadies

November 24th - Ottawa, ON @ Scotiabank Place with Patti Smith and Her Band & The Sadies

DOG DAY w/ Marine Dreams & Hut - Friday July 13

with guests


Friday July 13, 2012

The Shop under Parts & Labour

Doors at 10:00pm


Tickets available at Rotate This & Soundscapes

Critically-acclaimed Halifax indie pop duo return to Toronto, playing Parts & Labour this July!

After a series of disfiguring rearrangements and amputations, Seth Smith and Nancy Urich ripped out the heart of their band and split for the country. After some time, they learned to forget about the city and to get by fine with just each other. The sound is driven. They started their own label and screen printed the records, keeping it loose and fun. The new two piece drum and guitar, wife and husband approach lets the songs shine bright. The new record, Deformer is simple and raw in that way that can only come through some kind of earned rock and roll wisdom – being weirdly obsessed for too many years. So here we have the deepest Dog Day fantasy yet. Dark, powerful songs of love and hate, the forest, the sea, dreaming… the deformation into a gang of two.

The band will be joined by Marine Dreams, the new project from former Attack In Black member Ian Kehoe, as well as Hut, featuring a cast of Daps Records all stars including Hooded Fang's Daniel Lee and Moon King's Daniel Woodhead.