Big John Bates in Toronto !

Big John Bates is happy to announce the new 7" release (Bad Pussy / Scarecrow Close) and The Autumn 2011 Hellfire Remedy Tour.
Big John Bates has been concocting his hellfire remedies for the past decade; an endorsed Gretsch-slinger that's played over 1000 shows in 17 countries for tens of thousands of fans. Now he's hooked up with a menacing new band whose style is "like being serenaded with a rusty hammer"; pounding the dark roots of Americana with garage punk blues. Clutch your drink to your chest and leave your chastity at the door - there is nothing like a night with these devil-may-care troubadours.
The band features the enigmatic Hofner-endorsee Brandy Bones on upright bass (and sharing lead vocals) and Tim (T-Hag) Hagberg hell-bent on the drums. Their trusty Murderbus will hit the road with a limited edition 7" pressing of "Scarecrow Close / Bad Pussy" featuring a smoking Braineater cover design. The Hellfire Remedy Tour crosses Canada and the Northern USA in Oct/Nov 2011. And stay tuned - they just completed their new album Battered Bones with Todd Simko (Pure) and Mark Robertson (Legendary Shack Shakers) to be released in early 2012.

10-28 Toronto - The Bovine Sex Club