Nomeansno On Tour In Canada !

Hot on the heals of the next installment, "Tour EP 2", at a record time, 45 rpms to be exact, Nomeansno will once again venture across this vast, annoyingly vast, country of ours, Canada. The EP, of course, already being sold out, Both Copies!!, Nomeansno keeps true to a long and honoured tradition of ineptitude where nothing is ever available. We will, however, have in tow "Tour EP 1"!... which is somewhat old, actually entirely "Old". No worries though, a night of ear-splitting ribald and anachrony is in store. Featuring the likes of John Wright, Rob Wright, and that "Old" devil himself, Blacula.
With 30 years of nonsense in the pocket, not to mention the bank, Nomeansno expects yet another unmitigated success, at least that is the fantasy we'll labour under for a while.

Nomeansno coming to a fine establishment near you !

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