Heavier Than Air Flying Machines - Debut Full-Length Out

Michigan trio HEAVIER THAN AIR FLYING MACHINES will celebrate the release of its Friction Records-issued debut-full length, SIAM, with a show in its home town of Grand Rapids. Joining the band will be label mates and Beartrap alumni Bars of Gold and Ghost Heart.
Recorded by Rick Johnson (Cheap Girls, Bomb The Music Industry) at Cold War Studios, Siam will be available on CD and digital formats from Friction, or if you're near Grand Rapids, swing by the show and pick up a copy directly from the band.
Siam is an often dizzying, occasionally dance-inducing and always-fun blast of 14 razor-sharp post punk tunes. Jagged guitars dart between fuzzed-out bass riffs and twisting, tumbling rhythms while front man Jaymes Pyne barks out abstract lyrical passages that cut through the palpable low-end distortion. Heavier Than Air Flying Machines' discordant, propulsive take on indie rock may not make it the prettiest band in the room, but it sure does make it the most exciting and memorable. Recommended for fans of Death From Above 1979, Blood Brothers and At The Drive-In.
- The first time I saw these guys perform my heart sweat rock, my spine grew hair and my mind exploded. Siam is a delicious buffet of buzzed-out coarse synchronicity ... the best production my ears have heard to date this year. - Recoil

Listen to "Amphibian Debt March"

In related news, the band recently stopped by The Stone House in Grand Rapids to perform three songs from Siam for the Halfway House Sessions. Be sure to swing by the Halfway House music blog to watch terrific live videos for "Folio Verso," "Malleable (In So Far)" and "Unmanageable Infrastructure (or the Interstellar Nanobacterium Parasitic Infection)."