With the October 2011 release of Sing In My Meadow, Cowboy Junkies continue an ambitious schedule of four releases over an 18 month period, collectively titled The Nomad Series. The album follows the critically acclaimed Demons and Renmin Park.

Cowboy Junkies have put together a series of giveaways for the upcoming release offering signed vinyl, handwritten lyrics from Michael Timmins, iPod shuffles and more. Enter your email for the free download of "Sing In My Meadow" and you're automatically entered. Winners will be announced on release day 10/18.

10 Winners will receive signed vinyl
10 Winners will receive a signed CD
5 Winners will receive a t-shirt and signed CD
2 Winners will receive an iPod shuffle with 14 Cowboy Junkies albums
1 Grand Prize Winner will receive an autographed vinyl and CD, a set of handwritten lyrics from Sing In My Meadow by Michael Timmins, a t-shirt, and an iPod shuffle loaded with 14 Cowboy Junkies albums.

The iPod will contain the albums Whites Off Earth Now; The Trinity Session; The Caution Horses; Black Eyed Man; Pale Sun Crescent Moon; Lay It Down; Miles From Our Home; Open; One Soul Now; Early 21st century Blues; At the End Of Paths Taken; Renmin Park; Demons; Sing In My Meadow.

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