Dukits.com Presents The Tower of Song Tour

What happens when you take two of Canada's most gifted young singer songwriters and match them with next generation technology? You get The Tower of Song Tour featuring Alysha Brillinger and Kristen Bussandri and presented by Dukits.com. Arriving in Kitchener, Toronto and Montreal this September, the tour will showcase these budding stars booked exclusively through Dukits.com's game changing ticketing model.

About the Artists:
Alysha Brillinger’s blues and reggae influenced songs combine her funky guitar playing and unique voice to create a fresh new organic vibe of music. With a clever and emotional lyrical sensibility topping melodies that get stuck in your head, her upbeat songs cover everything from the perils of an omitted crush to keeping your head above water in hard times.
A multi-instrumentalist with a Tanzanian musician for a father, her on-stage banter and stories prove to be every bit entertaining as the music. Every song is hopeful and bares a trademark silver lining. Deep messages are coloured by a cheeky sense of optimism. Managed by Chris Taylor and signed to Universal/Lava (Los Angeles), Alysha currently has a self-titled EP out, and is releasing a full-length album this Christmas.

Hailed as an “arresting female vocalist” by the New York editor of Mix Magazine, Kristen Bussandri is a long-legged sultry brunette who will stop you in your tracks with her stellar pipes and warm, unique brand of "country-soul". Her smooth, honey-sweet vocals effortlessly lend themselves to both the soft acoustic ballads and sassy, rocking blues songs she crafts so passionately.
Spending three years in New York City she worked in the legendary Brill Building singing on tracks mixed by super-producer Phil Ramone (Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin), recording with Steely Dan's live sound engineer and performing in the city's most loved venues (The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall). Kristen has now returned to her hometown of Montreal and released her debut EP 'Diamonds to Dust' in July 2011.

About Dukits.com:
Dukits.com is a new way of booking shows which empowers fans to make the shows they want to see happen; empowering fans while giving artists security and venues profitable shows. Fans have a direct say as to what and who they see and when.
Artists and venues work together and propose shows to their fans. If enough people want to see it the show is yours.
But what happens if we don't get to the minimum tickets sold? Simple. You don't pay a dime.
Dukits only happens when you, the musicians, and the venues make an event come alive.

Catch The Tower of Song Tour here:
September 14th - Montreal, QC - Upstairs Jazz Bar
September 15th - Toronto, ON - Orbit Room
September 16th - Kitchener, ON - L Lounge

To purchase tickets and for more info please visit: www.dukits.com