Monument - On Tour

Beginning tomorrow, Washington, DC's Monument will embark on a short tour through parts of the East Coast and Midwest. The band is touring in support of Goes Canoeing, its debut full-length from Tiny Engines.
Pressed on 12" vinyl and limited to 500 (275 opaque orange / 175 light blue / 50 180 gram black), Goes Canoeing was officially released on March 22nd, 2011. Grab a copy from the band on tour or from Tiny Engines here. Additionally, Monument self-released a CD version of the album, and digital is also available from most online retailers, including iTunes and Bandcamp.

Download "Roots Run Deep" (Free mp3)

In other news, Monument now has copies of its most recent effort, an eight-song tape titled Sweatpants Fever!. Featuring four brand new tracks from the outfit as well as four cover songs (Superchunk, Wire, Descendents, Braid), the release is being handled by Keep It Together Records. While the tape isn't available from the label yet, Monument will have copies on tour. You can stream all the songs from Sweatpants Fever! here.

JUL 14 - Philadelphia, PA @ 48th & Trinity Place w/ Everyone Everywhere, Monitors, Shat Shorts
JUL 15 - Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theater w/ Black Churches, Dads, Martin Luther King, Suns, Castles
JUL 16 - Boston, MA @ Wacky Kastle w/ Ampere, Sinaloa, Ape Up, Footsie
JUL 17 - Brookyln, NY @ Xpo 929 w/ Weak Teeth, Best Practices, Tit Patrol, Don't Give a Fuck, Living Room
JUL 22 - Barnesville, OH @ Lakeview House w/ The Ground Is Lava
JUL 23 - Chicago, IL @ Waterworks w/ Coping, The Fordists, Snow What, Damp Hay
JUL 24 - Akron, Ohio @ It’s A Kling Thing w/ Annabel, White Mage, The Ground Is Lava

From, math-y emo, post-punk, noise-pop, grungy 90's indie rock and even the Dischord-styled hardcore of Monument's D.C. home, Goes Canoeing is as loose and raw as it is infectious and intricately layered. Recorded by Algernon Cadwallader's Joe Reinhart, these 10 songs are bursting with acrobatic guitars, spirited gang vocals and uncommonly catchy melodies, all bolstered by the band's creativity and enthusiasm. Goes Canoeing is filled with wonderfully skewed, raucous anti-anthems for emo, indie, punk and hardcore kids alike. The first great, essential release of 2011.