Broadcaster Release New EP For Free Download

Long Island, NY indie trio Broadcaster have digitally released their new EP, Joyride, for free download on Bandcamp.
Broadcaster originally began in the Spring of 2010 as a "less business, more fun" side-project devoted to playing a handful of 90's covers at local shows. However, the band quickly blossomed into something more substantial as they gained positive feedback for their original material. It is easy to see why with the band's latest release, the digital EP, entitled Joyride. These four songs will make any fan of 90's indie/alt rock swoon.

Listen to "Vacation Days" (mp3) as well as an exclusive acoustic version of "All Your Friends" here.

Recorded in the band's Long Island practice space, Joyride is exactly as it sounds. The EP is a jaunty fusion of punk and indie rock, eluding somewhat to the early days of The Get Up Kids and Nada Surf but with the flare of bands like Cheap Girls and The Thermals as well. Broadcaster's Joyride joyfully relives the golden days of the 90's in 2011.