Teenage X New Album: Drink Dance Destroy‏

Teenage X are the band every music lover knows. They are the band you blare at an excessive volume from your car stereo with the windows rolled down. They are the band blasting from the speakers at that house party you’re still recovering from. And finally, they are the band that bring the house down while a crowd of sweaty, elated fans dance without regard. As Toronto’s most pop of the punk bands and the most punk of the pop bands, Teenage X don’t just make power punk music; they make music that brings people together.
It’s this togetherness which the band not only inspires but utilizes as a songwriting tool which has given birth to their self-released debut record Drink Dance Destroy. Recorded over three weekends, there is an urgency heard within the band’s relentless but ultimately jovial sound that was aided in no small part by Simon Head (SNFU, Marilyn’s Vitamins) who mixed and mastered the record. But what keeps these four talented and insanely creative musicians playing is their drive to write tunes from the heart, with soul worth its weight in platinum.
Drink Dance Destroy contains SoCal swagger (‘Losin’ It’), liquored up madness (‘Chelsea Horror Hotel’), and stomp-along party anthems (‘Say What You Want’). At two and a half minutes ‘The Signal’ opens the record with Ramones-style fury, held afloat by the snarling vocals of Sarah Page. Dripping with a rawness not often heard, Page’s vocals channel some of punk’s finest heroines of the past, from Patti Smith to Joan Jett. But as soon as the two minute knock out punch of ‘Fast Machine’ kicks in, we realize there is so much more to this band. They manage to fill each of their two minute tracks with more emotion than many artists put into an entire record.
All four members have cemented their place in Toronto’s local scene whose resumes credit success with bands including The Downbelows, Inner City Surfers, Spinecracker, and The Threat. Front woman Sarah Page studied piano from age five, completing Royal Conservatory of Music level 10 and studied Jazz Performance at college. And when you’re seduced by the power of punk rock early in life (as all of them were) then it’s easy to understand where the passion of Drink Dance Destroy comes from. Within the album are hints of Iggy Pop, The Replacements, Bad Brains and The Jam. What’s more, the band makes an effort to spin the eternal Never Mind The Bollocks! before every gig.
For everyone out there with an ear for driving punk and a soft spot for hooky pop tunes Drink Dance Destroy is the answer. Teenage X is the band that makes punk rockers admit that they like pop music.

For music and more info visit: http://www.myspace.com/teenagex

Teenage X is Sarah Page (vocals), Phil Page (bass), Rich Gaskin (guitar), and Mikey Hawdon (drums)

CD release show: Saturday, June 4th @ The Bovine (Toronto, ON)