Experimental rock band I Set My Friends On Fire teams up with Adult Swim Director Jon Schnepp of the popular animated series Metalocalypse to release a brand new video for their title track “Astral Rejection.” Fans are invited to pre-order the band’s latest album Astral Rejection starting Thursday, June 16th at the Epitaph Store before it hits streets on June 21st.

Watch the new video for “Astral Rejection” HERE.

Jon Schnepp is well known for his work is on Metalocalypse, an animated show on Cartoon Network about Dethklok - “the world's most popular death metal band” - where he designed and created the look of the five band members and directs the bulk of each season. The new video was written, directed and produced by Schnepp in Los Angeles and takes fans to a place where visual fantasy meets musical innovation to form a perfect audio-visual match.
“Astral Rejection” teams chaotic moments, brutal breakdowns, electronica interludes and melodic choruses that set the tone for the album and music video. The band—vocalist Matt Mehana and drummer/keyboardist Chris Lent have crafted a metallic masterpiece with Astral Rejection and have raised the bar for sonic innovation and experimentation without sacrificing an ounce of the identity that has already endeared ISMFOF to fans all over the world.
I Set My Friends On Fire will hit the road hard this year, taking on Van’s Warped Tour all summer long.

Canadian Warped dates:
July 15 – Toronto – Arrow Hall
July 16 – Montreal – Parc jean Drapeau

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