Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) Kickstarts A New Album

Adding to a busy 2011, Get Up Kids' front man Matt Pryor has announced that he has started work on a new solo album, titled May Day. The title May Day comes from Pryor's plan to write, record and complete work on the album, all during the month of May. The album, a follow up to his 2008 solo release Confidence Man, is pencilled for release later this year.
Echoing the DIY path the Get Up Kids took, Pryor has pledged to release the record independently, and has extended this concept one step further by looking to crowd-funding solutions for the creation of May Day.
To help finance the project, Pryor has turned to site, asking his fans to pledge in return for various incentives including, but not limited to, vinyl test pressings, exclusive t-shirts and screen-printed posters, the guitars played on the record and an unreleased solo record dubbed Still There's A Light.
Still There's A Light will only be available to fans who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. As a taster, you can watch a clip of Pryor playing "Where Do We Go From Here" - a song from the unreleased album - on his Kickstarter page. Fans who participate in the project will also have access to exclusive videos and MP3's from the recording sessions, as work on the album progresses.

Pryor has set a $10,000 goal and given himself a month to raise the funds.