Tiny Engines Announce Free Download of Cattle Drums EP

In anticipation of Cattle Drums (Oneonta, NY) recording for their first full-length in May, Tiny Engines (Tigers Jaw, CSTVT, Restorations) is excited to announce a free download of the band's debut. The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3 is an eight song collection that puts together the original debut of the band with three newer tracks that were recorded near the end of 2010. The EP was digitally released in February on Tiny Engines. Of course you can still download via iTunes as well.

You can sample the track "Who Punched Pat Moore's Face" on RCRD LBL. Additionally, you can listen to "Sluts And Coconuts" from The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3 (mp3)

Also, make sure to check out an amazing video shot in Cattle Drums' hometown of the band performing the song "Two Pigeons" on a rooftop. You can see that here.

Remember when indie music was wild and unpredictable? Remember when bands were hard to pigeonhole into neat little sub-genres? Well, Cattle Drums will remind you if you have forgotten. Hailing from upstate NY, you might shrug your shoulders at a band named Cattle Drums but you would be remiss by doing so. Mixing post-punk, emo/hardcore, shards of math rock and even traces of dark Americana, Cattle Drums distinguish themselves as purveyors of a sound not yet recognizable to our pampered, innocent ears. Lyrically ambiguous and instrumentally ambitious with harsh, aggressive tones, Cattle Drums truly are a wild awakening for the senses. These songs defy classification and open the listener up to create their own unique interpretation of the Cattle Drums sound. Need a shock to the system to break you from the mundane of the daily grind? Delve into the madness of the Cattle Drums experience and witness a band operating only by their keen sense of artistic expression. Eccentric and chaotic yet always melodic and intoxicating, Cattle Drums are kicking up dust and noise unlike anybody else right now. Just imagine what is yet to come.
The band is heading into the studio to record their first LP in May followed by a Summer full of touring. A Fall release date is tentatively scheduled for the LP on Tiny Engines.