SWTHRT – Release Debut Album For Free Download

Southport, NC indie duo SWTHRT have released their debut album, Compact Disc, for free download on Bandcamp. RCRD LBL calls it a "raw, DIY take on new wave".
Rising from the indie/punk of his full-time band, Museum Mouth, Karl Kuehn creates something a bit different with SWTHRT. What started out as a senior graduation project for keyboardist Becca High, turned into a real band after only a few days of writing/recording between the two friends. With that, the new wave/shoegaze pop of SWTHRT was officially born. Echoing influences like New Order, The Cure and late period Joy Division, SWTHRT carries on the DIY/punk aesthetic of Museum Mouth while pushing the new wave tendencies to the foreground.
The first single "Boys With Problems" includes a B-side, an acoustic version of the album track, "I Hate This". Additionally, you can sample the second single, "I Am In Misery", on RCRD LBL.
The band lovingly put together a making of the album video for Compact Disc that can be viewed here. Also, the band's first recording, a cover of Beat Happening's "Indian Summer", can be downloaded on Bandcamp as well.
Recorded in the mountains of North Carolina, Compact Disc simmers with youthful frustration. There is a real dichotomy with Kuehn's deep vocals resonating over the instantly affecting guitar and keyboard driven hooks of the band. The airy instrumental swells carry you far away while the duo's restless lyrical stylings slowly bring you back down to earth. With both Kuehn and High in transitional phases of their lives, Compact Disc serves as a cathartic project for them both. It also serves as quite the magical beginning for SWTHRT.