Only Thieves U.S. Tour!

Beginning next Wednesday (04/13), Tallahassee, Florida's ONLY THIEVES will embark on yet another month-long tour of the United States in support of its 2011 debut full-length, Heartless Romantics.
The ten-song CD was self-released on January 18th and is available from the band at shows. You can also purchase it from iTunes and other digital retailers. Heartless Romantics was recorded by Phil Martin (Look Mexico) and is the follow-up to Only Thieves' critically acclaimed 2009 EP, Greetings From Levy Park, T.L.H.
Encompassing all the ethos of those torch-bearing bands of our youth - The Replacements, Superdrag and Buffalo Tom to name a few - Only Thieves blends that classic power-pop sound with the ingenuity and modifications that outfits like the Gaslight Anthem and Lemuria have poured into today's punk and indie genres. There is an undefinable style and substance, not to mention a dynamic progression that when done right, makes driving, hook-filled rock sound absolutely timeless. Heartless Romantics is a record that is truly nostalgic without seeming retro, but it's also modern without sounding polished.

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