Man The Change - Weather The Storm Free Download

Brooklyn, NY punk-rockers Man The Change are excited to announce their newest release, Weather The Storm, is now up for free download from Death To False Hope Records.
Crisscrossing through multiple layers of the punk genre like a couple of girls playing double-dutch, Brooklynites Man the Change tackle their first full-length Weather The Storm with an energy that only exists in bands that truly love what they’re doing. Hooky and riff ridden, Man the Change encompasses the melodic qualities of pop-punk while pairing them with nitty-gritty vocals that growl and grind their way through every verse. A more poppy pick up from the band’s two previous EP’s, Weather The Storm is an impressive leap into mature songwriting. Hooky melodies that occasionally delve into the bop of skate rock may be the added enrichment to this new release, but the band still stands by their meat and potatoes with the gruff vocals and aggressive percussion delivered in these eight tracks.

You can listen to "Rambo Vs Bas Rutten (1v1)" from Weather The Storm (mp3)

Weather The Storm is a taste of the other side for listeners; hardcore kids can wean themselves off aggression and into melody, while the more poppy at heart can test the waters of something a little heavier. Whatever your poison, chances are Man the Change will hit the spot.

MAY 10 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron w/ Such Gold and Living With Lions
MAY 24 - Staten Island, NY @ Warriors Warehouse w/ Tomahawk Chop
MAY 29 - Brooklyn, NY @ Lonestar Bar and Grill
JUN 22 - Asbury, NJ @ Asbury Lanes w/ The Reveling
JUL 01 - Staten Island, NY @ Warriors Warehouse w/ Half Hearted Hero and Kids Icarus