Apparat New Album This Summer

As long time admirers of Apparat, Mute are proud to announce that this world-renowned artist has now joined their roster.
Having released three incredibly well received electronic albums on German label Shitkatapult as well a collaborative records with Modeselektor (known as Moderat, on Bpitch control,) and Ellen Allien (also on Bpitch), and fresh from the revered DJ-Kicks album released on !K7, Apparat is now broadening its horizons with the release of a brand new album scheduled for late summer this year.
On the forthcoming album, Apparat ventures into new musical territory where prominent vocals, live instruments, beautiful crescendos and lulling diminuendos spearhead an epic sound. The outcome: a record that stands as testament to the musical dexterity of this already well established and innovative talent.

Download the track “Ash/Black Veil”, taken from the forthcoming album now: