The Strokes - "Hope & Ruin"

THE TREWS’ fourth full-length studio album, Hope & Ruin, due out on The Trews Records on April 12, is a level-raising evolution for the Toronto-based rock band with two gold records, 10 top-10 singles and 800-plus concerts logged. After wrapping up the first leg of touring for 2009's Acoustic – Friends & Total Strangers retrospective, the Trews found themselves with time off and a blank canvas in front of them for the first time in years. The band decided to retreat to Tragically Hip's fabled Bathhouse Studio's, which is a an old converted lake house just outside of Kingston, Ontario.
Recorded live-off-the-floor, they captured lightning in a bottle, resulting in a sound that is raw, electric and igniting. Of course, the ripping rockers that have made front man Colin MacDonald; his brother, guitarist John-Angus; their cousin, drummer Sean Dalton; and long-time friend, bassist Jack Syperek one of Canada’s top live acts are still present with the heavy “The World I Know,” unrelenting “Misery Loves Company” and pummeling “People of the Deer.”
“We haven’t forgotten how to rock, but there’s new ground being covered,” says Colin. The Trews have never made an album in the manner in which they recorded Hope & Ruin, and it’s an album they never could’ve made before now. There’s a certain connection, comfort and intuition that’s needed to write and record in such an off-the-cuff, inspired manner. And that takes years to develop.
As the "Hope & Ruin" single continues to climb up the Active Rock charts in the Trews native Canada (currently at #7), the band is receiving accolades from around the globe. Performer Magazine here in the U.S. claims that "The Trews are, without a doubt, the greatest rock band of their generation" and upon their departure from their Australian tour this month, famous native and rock affectionado Russell Crowe tweeted "Bon Voyage @thetrews hope you make it back to Australia soon. They came, they saw, they rocked"

The Trews will be touring the U.S. this Spring.