NOMEANSNO at Lees Palace on April 4th !

Most bands with a three decade career in the meat grinder we call "the record game" would have a press release that spans nearly as many reams of paper as War and Peace. However, due to the threat of litigation and stern tsk-tsk'ing from certain parties, the Canadian trio NoMeansNo prefers to sum up their existence with the following: brothers Rob and John Wright were talked into making music by their mum, who thought it was high time they stopped watching Jonny Quest and making origami pterodactyls. A few things happened, then in 1989 they released the album Wrong, and then some other stuff happened afterwards.
There are some deliberate omissions regarding the period from 1996-2000. The band embraced "glam metal" and that's about all that needs said.
The final release of the 1990s was One, which found the trio slimmed down to a mere three members: Rob, John and newcomer Tom Holliston. The sprawling opus is a magnificent testimonial on the exigency of suburban sprawl and got rave reviews from Architectural Digest Monthly. Ford Pier was rumored to be "unamused".
All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt, their most recent full length featured some songs, as well as a few tunes followed by a single ditty. Audiences roared their approval, particularly in Latvia and Regina.
Now, NoMeansNo has stunned the industry once again by introducing a new format to the music buying public: vinyl. This amazing new invention allows listeners to "spin" their favorite "tunes". NoMeansNo's musical experimentation has resulted in a cleverly titled EP called "Tour EP 1", which apparently is to be followed by "Tour EP 2", not available in your area. NoMeansNo has also embraced the information superhighway by slowly reissuing their previous recording efforts onto such vendors as Amazon, Boomkat and iTunes.
Be sure to catch this ever inventive trio when they come to Toronto, bringing their unique mix of digital and analogue music to your pair of ears.

On Monday April 4: @ Lees Palace
' @ 10:15p w/ 'Metz' @ 9:00p $20.00adv @ Tm-Hs-Rt-ss $23.00 at the door

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