MC Serch and Peter Rosenberg (Hot 97) Presents...

Hebonics 101 is the latest mixtape from up-and-coming NYC rapper Sneakas. The mixtape is hosted by Peter Rosenberg (Hot 97) and presented by M.C. Serch's (3rd Bass and VH1's White Rapper Show) imprint Serchlite Multimedia, features guest appearances from Ill Bill, Iron Solomon, MC Serch and more.
The mixtape is not so much about religion as it is about Jewish street culture connected through the veins of hip-hop. If you love your mom, Hebonics 101 is for you.
The first single is "Hebonics 101", a take on the legendary Big L's "Ebonics", but instead it breaks down Yiddish slang.
Hebonics 101 by Sneakas