Alcoholic Faith Mission:
Ryan Warner & the Moonlight Ride:
Go for the Eyes:
Lordy Lordy:
...AND at 1 AM Old Crowns:

Canadian Music Fest is back and Two Way Monologues is happy to be sponsoring all five showcases at the Rancho Relaxo this year. That is approximately 31 bands playing our stage. On the Wednesday night we have 5 acts starting with Lordy Lordy at 9 PM.
When the guys from Black Hat Brigade asked me for a show for their new side project Lordy Lordy I figured it would just be a show or maybe two. But this band isn't a side project anymore, instead Lordy Lordy is a modern day classic rock throwback who is on their way to being every bit as awesome as Black Hat Brigade. Check the links below to see a video of a recent performance and hear for yourself.
Then we have a treat from Calgary in Go For the Eyes! At the end of this month Go for the Eyes are releasing their long awaited album and then charging across the country to get down here and make some noise for Canadian Music Fest. In talking to the band they defined their sound as "circus rock". What is that exactly? I'm not quite sure but whatever it is I like it a lot. Take a listen for yourself or check the video link in the links below.
In the third slot we have Ryan Warner & the Moonlight Ride! Just this past Saturday Ryan Warner and his new band took to the stage to Rancho and killed it. The place was packed and the new sound/band just amazing. Is it indie-rock? Is it blues infused jangly country rock? Do they have a harmonium? The only one of those I can answer is the last one, and the answer is yes, yes they do.
At midnight we have Alcoholic Faith Mission all the way from Denmark! Alcoholic Faith Mission have been absolutely killing it lately. I keep saying this, out of all the bands I have heard playing the festival this year they might well be my favourite. Check out this review:
“Brooding lyrics and crying-in-your-beer folk-balladeer singalongs…these five Danes are out to wreck your heart with carefully calibrated bombs of acoustic sorrow.” - MTV (International Artists to Watch at SXSW ’11)
Closing out the night is Ottawa's Old Crowns! Old Crowns are reinventing what people think about alt-country by doing it in their own "stoner country" style and always delivering with a sweet live show. Yeah I know its late but you can do it.

Where: Rancho Relaxo (300 College)
When: Weds March 9th
How Much: $10 or free with bracelet
Doors at 8 and music at 9. Last call to 4 AM!