Jim Mc Turnan and the Kids That Killed the Man FREE DOWNLOAD!

For much of the 2000's Jim McTurnan was co-frontman of the fuzzed-out rock quartet Cat-A-Tac, a band which churned out, "...blissful pop songs that wear a snarl..." according to KEXP, and were championed by Under The Radar magazine as, "...My Bloody Valentine with a few licks of Pete Townshend..."
After Cat-A-Tac fizzled in 2008, McTurnan found himself embracing sunnier, more optimistic sounds. Pre-1964 rock-n-roll inspired much of the song structure and mood which found its way onto Joie De Vivre, McTurnan's 2011 full-length debut. However, the new record is not a retro affair. It's infused with a punk demeanor, and borrows from both garage rock and slacker rock, while remaining at its core, a pop album.
McTurnan assembled his new band, The Kids That Killed The Man, in 2009 with an all-star cast of Denver musicians. Bassist Josh Wambeke is also the singer-guitarist of the space rock outfit Fell, which long resided on the roster of the late Australian psych rock label, Camera Obscura. Drummer John Fate grew up touring in the hardcore scene before landing in Denver and joining an indie pop band. Guitarist Nathan Brasil was John Fate's bandmate in the aforementioned indie pop band and initially joined the Kids as a full-time tambourine player before moving onto guitar.
Jim McTurnan & The Kids That Killed The Man played their first batch of shows in 2009. That first batch included Monolith Festival at Red Rocks alongside the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, the Walkmen, and others, as well as CMJ Music Marathon, the main stage at the Denver Post Underground Showcase, and local support for Art Brut and Surfer Blood. 2010 found the band in Josh's basement recording Joie De Vivre and playing more shows. 2011 brings the release of Joie De Vivre and the hope that you, the media gatekeeper and reader of this bio, might like it.

Joie De Vivre is available to all as a free download for a limited time at jimmcturnan.com and jimmcturnan.bandcamp.com.
The album will be released April 26th!