Every Time I Die Canadian Tour Dates 2011

Every Time I Die Canadian Tour Dates 2011 (with The Chariot, The Fucking Hotlights and guests)

May 23 – Ottawa – Ritual
May 24 – Kingston – Time To Laugh
May 25 – Kitchener – Wax
May 26 – Toronto – Annex Wreck Room
May 27 – London – Call the Office

Buffalo, New York’s Every Time I Die have never been a typical hardcore act. In fact for over a decade the band have been forging their own musical and ideological path via their immediately distinctive brand of aggressive music—and that process is culminating with the band’s fifth full-length (and Epitaph debut) New Junk Aesthetic, an album that sees the band not just shifting the hardcore paradigm but completely reinventing it via brutal riffs, impassioned lyrics and kinetic energy.
Gearing up for their only Canadian dates in 2011, the band even features a Canadian drummer - Ryan Leger, former stickman for Burlington’s Dead and Divine, The Salads and others. “He sent us a YouTube performance,” explains (singer Keith) Buckley. “We released ‘The Marvelous Slut’ online, and maybe two hours later we got an email from [Leger] of him just absolutely killing it — like, perfect. We wrote him back and he made the drive from fucking Montreal down to Buffalo and killed it again….”
The band’s catalog has sold over 350,000 copies, with almost 25,000 of those sold in Canada. Their extensive touring includes several Warped tours, Ozzfest, Taste of Chaos, and Plea For Peace as well as campaigns with acts such as Killswitch Engage, Gallows, Dillinger Escape Plan and countless others.