Dada Trash Collage & Bear Ears - "Layers of Ice"

Husband and wife Dada Trash Collage (William Freed) and Bear Ears (Jessica Freed) have teamed up to release their first single entitled "Layers of Ice" from their upcoming LP Ambitious Out Of Control.
After getting hitched last year, the couple has spent much of their time as newlyweds writing music (both seperately and now, together). This record also marks the first collaboration between William Freed and drummer Richard Bell since 2010's Neighbors, who took a hiatus from DDTC during the last record Cool Waves/Bad Days.
The track is night and day - equal parts upbeat and malaise, experimental yet pop.

MP3: Dada Trash Collage and Bears Ears - "Layers of Ice"
You can also check out on their Bandcamp

DDTC and Bear Ears are also gearing up for a self-released 7" in May, which will include two ther tracks from Ambitiout Out Of Control. They are currently raising funds for its release via Kickstarter.