Swedish band Movits! to release sophomore album on April 5th

Out of my head, the sophomore release from Swedish sensation Movits! will be released April 5 on Slimstyle Records and distributed by The Alternative Distribution Alliance. The album is riding on a wave of breakout years for the trio, whose debut album, Appelknyckarjazz, was released in 2008. In July 2009, after discovering their video on reddit.com, Stephen Colbert personally invited the band to make their U.S. debut on his show. Subsequently, the trio reached #2 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart with their hit song “Fel Del Av Garden.”
Following “The Colbert Report” performance, the band embarked on a five-week nationwide tour of the U.S. Of their live shows and debut album the Chicago Sun Times asserts, “…the swinging beats are universal,” while Creative Loafing describes them as a “…stylish hybrid of swing, jazz and hip-hop. It’s a cultural experience to witness the fast-paced flow of three Swedes in tuxedos rapping in their native tongue…”
Hailing from Luleå, Sweden—500 miles north of Stockholm, just south of the Arctic Circle, and at a latitude higher than that of Fairbanks, Alaska—brothers Johan and Anders Rensfeldt, along with friend Joakim Nilsson, were longtime fans and performers of hip hop. But it wasn’t until a music festival after-party that they really discovered swing music. “It was a simultaneous revelation. We were out dancing in a backyard when someone put on Benny Goodman’s ‘Sing, Sing, Sing.’ The three of us were totally blown away!”
The new record was recorded live over a four month period in the winter of 2010 at their studio in Luleå. Of the new album, the trio notes, “We didn’t have a set theme in making Out Of My Head. All we knew was that we wanted to make tracks you won’t be able to stand still when hearing.”