One Hundred Dollars 'Songs Of Man'

Toronto's One Hundred Dollars are set to release their second full length album, Songs Of Man, on Outside Music on May 1o, 2011. The ten-track album is the band's follow-up to their acclaimed debut Forest Of Tears, which was released in 2008 and was included on the Polaris Music Prize long list. Listen to stream of Songs Of Man's 'Waiting On Another' here. One Hundred Dollars have also signed a management deal with Outside Music. Tour dates in support of the new album will be announced soon.
Songs of Man reflects a change in personnel, approach and instrumentation for One Hundred Dollars. Recorded to tape over twelve days at Blue Rodeo's Woodshed studio, Songs of Man contains ten distinct narrative perspectives and the sounds to match them. Lead singer and lyricist Simone Schmidt draws from her experience as a speech facilitator:
"In that job, I'd go around life with people who don't communicate verbally and assist in verbalizing what they're thinking to the rest of the world. I had a deep friend in one person I worked with, Aaron, and I would communicate for him all over the place - the doctor's office, the strip club, therapy, the bar. I got to know a lot of different people in ways I wouldn't have other wise. Wild insights into the human condition. One of the tunes on the record is 'Aaron's Song'."
Schmidt continues her collaboration with Ian Russell (guitar), and welcomes Paul Mortimer (electric lead) as co-writer as well. Most often working in the balladic tradition, Schmidt delves into character sketches of a range of people, some tangential to broader dramas playing themselves out across songs. For instance, 'Fires of Regret' is a letter from the man sung about in the title track of Forest of Tears.
Forest of Tears was recorded live over 13 hours, after the band had played together for only six weeks. In contrast, each song on Songs of Man was treated differently by producer (and pedal steel player) Stew Crookes who has made records with such diverse artists as Doug Paisley, Jill Barber and Hawksely Workman.
"We set out to record one song from start to finish every day, experimenting with sounds while crafting many of the parts in studio as the recording evolved over that day," says Crookes. "This allowed us to have different and well considered textures throughout the record."
The Outside Music Label launched in 2002 and formed a management division in 2007. The current label roster includes The Besnard Lakes, Black Mountain, Jill Barber, Little Scream, Matthew Barber, Oh Susanna, One Hundred Dollars, The Sadies, Sloan and Sunparlour Players. The management roster represents Jill Barber, Matthew Barber, Sunparlour Players, and One Hundred Dollars. Outside Music began as a distribution company and still maintains its standing as one of Canada's leading distributors working with labels such as Domino, Sub Pop, Saddle Creek, Six Degrees, Fat Possum and more.