Full view||Back to messagesUK's YOUNG LEGIONNAIRE Set to Release Debut Full-length Album 'Crisis Works' on May 9th Through Wichita Recordings

Formed by Paul Mullen formerly of yourcodenameismilo and Gordon Moakes of Bloc Party, YOUNG LEGIONNAIRE are finally set to release their HUGE debut album ‘Crisis Works’ on May 9th through Wichita Recordings (The Bronx, Conor Oberst, Bloc Party,
Best Coast). 'Crisis Works' is loosely concerned with the idea that crisis can kind of be engineered around us to make us more pliable. As Gordon explains; 'We're living with a siege mentality about recession and spending cuts; that's becoming the narrative for our times. But it's that siege mentality that makes it easier to confer 'difficult' decisions on us from above. It's an excuse, but also an opportunity.' The record, he says, is about 'global economics, but it's probably more about the crisis principle on a personal level, how it affects your own decisions and thoughts'.
Produced by Rich Jackson (Future Of The Left, The Automatic, The Chapman Family), the band’s first single/up front track ‘Chapter, Verse’ got its first, debut spin on Radio 1 with Zane Lowe on Monday 7th Feb and is also available to download now from www.younglegionnaire.com. The album follows on from the release of their debut, double A Side ‘Colossus/Iron Dream’ through Holy Roar in August 2010 and will be available on CD, 12” vinyl and digital download.
Live wise, following on from two recent tours with Pulled Apart by Horses, the band will see in 2011 supporting Les Savy Fav across February and March ahead of a summer of festivals, including The Great Escape and Sonisphere. They will also be heading to Austin for SXSW and will be playing a number of shows in the US through March.

YOUNG LEGIONNAIRE initially started following a chance meeting between Paul and Gordon during the recording sessions for the Print Is Dead album in 2006, where Gordon guested on the track ‘Wait a Minute’ with Paul and the rest of YCNI:M. Some more conversations followed, eventually leading to their first rehearsals together as a band in 2009 (with Will Bowerman on drums, formerly of I Was A Cub Scout, now of La Roux). The songs took shape over the course of occasional writing sessions, eventually becoming more concrete when the band were joined full-time by drummer Dean Pearson.