Clandestine Series Casseste # One Out Now + Release Show 2/22

Northern-Spy Records reveals its first release in a new cassette series entitled “Clandestine.” Limited to 150 copies, pro dubbed on chrome tape cassettes, it’s like a secret dossier passed ‘neath the canopy of a linden tree on a cold autumn day. Four artists offer a release that’s not so much cloak and dagger as uncovering forward directions in music. From the opening drones and understated beats of Messages through the fret-board perambulations of Tom Carter (whose full-length project, Eleven Twenty-Nine, is forthcoming from N-Spy). Side two is no less revealing as psychedelic drone virtuoso Zaimph (Marcia Bassett) shares a side with avant-folk legend Loren Connors during a live encounter at Union Pool with bassist Margarida Garcia (whose artwork also graces the cover).

Messages - Indian Landmark, Tom Carter - August is All, Zaimph - Tabacco Flowers, Loren Connors & Margarida Garcia - Live at Union Pool

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Jcards featuring artwork by Margarida Garcia
Limited to 150 copies
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