Charge of the Light Brigade Release 'The Defiant Ones'‏

Sometimes albums are so aptly titled that the record takes on a life of its own while at the same time strictly adhering to the title itself. The Defiant Ones is one of those titles and in turn, one of those albums with a fierce, dedicated aesthetic.
The debut full-length from Charge of the Light Brigade is a comprehensive listen that combines intense, punk-influenced melodies with an expansive and at times untouchable groove. It possesses an irresistible pop sensibility yet still there are no tracks that pander; instead, this collection of thirteen tracks has a vision that will leave listeners helpless.
Guitarist/songwriter Luke Sneyd has long been a fixture on the Toronto scene, originally as the guitarist for electro-rock act Mountain Mama. Two solo releases included an early demo of his track ‘The Prisoner’ that was a finalist in the Unisong International Songwriting Contest, and the video won him a Top 5 spot in the Great Canadian Band Challenge, competing for a deal with Universal Canada. And now, with new songs and new collaborators, The Defiant Ones is an honest and earnest culmination of five years of work.
Strong themes of doomed heroism and the terminal tick of relationships gone awry abound here. They’re heard in the resilient sprawl of ‘Fastest of The Losers’, the furious early 90’s punk stomp of ‘Charge!!’ and finally, a moody but ultimately fulfilling cover of ‘Atlantic City,’ which serves as the album’s closer. Each track drives its way into your subconscious with alarming and altogether defiant grace. It’s an honest approach that fuels the entire record. Candid emotions are channeled into tracks like ‘The Visible Man’, which features a bruising post-punk feel. And ‘The Real Heart’ swells beyond expectations.
The vision of Charge of the Light Brigade is certainly a focused one. Even the most defiant of listeners will agree; with The Defiant Ones, this is a band that certainly cannot be stopped.
Charge of the Light Brigade is a collaboration between songwriter Luke Sneyd and producer Marc Koecher, with bassist Jason Eagan (Clockwise, Ryan Luchuck), and drummers Zack Mykula (Bella Clava, Inhumanoids) and Owen Tennyson (Blue Peter, Rough Trade).

CD Release Show: March 5th @ Mitzi’s Sister – Toronto, ON

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