Preview Mad Planet's new EP "Gliese 581g", band on tour, performing live at SXSW

As a follow-up to their successful debut album All Elephants, electronic/trip hop/funk power duo MAD PLANET is releasing Gliese 581g (pronounced “GLEE-zuh”), named after a recently discovered planet thought to be a sister planet to Earth.
Vocalist/bassist Cooper Gillespie’s seductive vocals provide a strong anchor for the down-tempo tunes, which are replete with scratching, complex electronic layers, addictive bass lines, and drummer Greg Gordon’s explosive backbeats.
The EP’s moniker was not chosen haphazardly, the planet Gliese 581g is perpetually light on one side and dark on the other, something the band has tried to replicate in the sound of the music. “Lyrically the songs on the EP deal with the conflict between the light and the dark inside each of us,” states the band.
The band will be promoting the EP with a multi state tour taking them from their native California, to Arizona, and Texas for the South by South West festival.
Both members of Mad Planet are the products of the Los Angeles punk scenes, Gordon drummed for the pop punk group Nervous Return and Cooper fronted the aggressive punk trio Bang Sugar Bang. Upon meeting they discovered their mutual chemistry and interest in trip hop, rock, and jazz made them compatible not just as a couple but also as a band.
Mad Planet began recording their debut album in early 2009, using their Silver Lake apartment as a studio. The resulting All Elephants was a 12-track album that bursts at the seams with cool, melodic grooves and ethereal female vocals. Released in the Summer of 2010, All Elephants explored fairly dark themes of loss, love, breakups and depression but came out the other side, offering listeners hope and beauty in their darkest hours. The album earned the band critical acclaim and a position in the CMJ Top 200 charts alongside bands such as the Arcade Fire, Interpol, Of Montreal, and more.
Their seamless fusion of ambient electro-rock and trip hop coupled with Gillespie’s haunting melodies has garnered them comparisons to artists like Portishead, Siouxsie Sioux, and Warpaint.

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