What If You Ran The Label? Crowdbands Has The Answer

For years people have been talking about how they would do things if they ran the industry – now, here’s their chance. Crowdbands is the first online community to empower members to run a record label through a democratic voting process.
Here’s how Crowdbands works: members will make decisions with the rest of the community regarding each album as it’s being recorded. Decisions might include which single to release, cover art ideas, where to go on tour, and more.

Check out the site here.

To kick things off, Crowdbands first signing is LA-based band The Donnas. Remember "Take It Off"? The band has been on both major and indie labels, and they’ve decided to partner with Crowdbands to put the reigns in the hands of their fans, and fans of music in general.

Membership fees are only $25 for the year and include the ability to:
-Be an integral part of the decision-making and creative process
-Vote on a ton of different elements pertaining to the band and the label
-Listen to the bands’ albums as they’re being made
-Receive the releases before the general public and even some unreleased material
-Access special offers and deals on artists’ merchandise, concert tickets and more

Sign up for Crowdbands here.

With all the problems the music industry has faced over the years, is Crowdbands the answer? Will fans be able to step up to the challenge?
Let's at least agree that it's going to get interesting now that you run the label.