Shanks: February 11th Lee's Palace

February 11th at Lee’s Palace SHANKS will be celebrating the official public-release of The Dark Richard Show, their fourth record and second full length which already has received a nomination by Exclaim! for ‘Album of the Year.’ Produced by Kirk Starkey, this album focuses more on stripped-down arrangements that emphasizes SHANKS’ fresh chordal approach to busting out steep jams on the electric bass guitar.
Founded in 2005, SHANKS are the rock ‘n roll brainchild of songwriter/vocalist/bassist Ian Donald Starkey (aka Pistolwhip von Shankenstein). Alongside drummer Andrew Tyson McNenly the duo has years under their belt in perfecting their incendiary live show. SHANKS have performed in a variety of surreal situations, including in the midst of professional fireworks exhibitions, inside sheep pens, roller derby arenas and boxing rings.

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