The Saddest Landscape - Album Release on Panic Records / Free Download

In celebration of the success and support THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE (Boston, MA) has received since You Will Not Survive's original self-release, the band has made the album a name-your-own-price download for one week to coincide with the re-release on Panic Records (Set Your Goals, Make Do And Mend, Man Overboard, Hostage Calm).
You Will Not Survive marks the long-awaited return of The Saddest Landscape as it is the band's first full-length release in seven years. The highly anticipated album has delivered with much critical acclaim as the first press sold out well before the original release date. The band signed on with Panic Records in October who will be re-releasing You Will Not Survive with an official release date of January 18th. All Panic orders come with an instant download of the album. There is also a limited collector pack available from the label with all color variants of the LP as well as a live 7" with limited quantities left. You can order from label or band.
Of course you can still stream You Will Not Survive on Absolute Punk as well.
Haunting and massive in its scope, The Saddest Landscape’s You Will Not Survive echoes a maelstrom of emotions while retaining a staggering poise and precision. Rarely does a record push you so close to the edge only to save you at its dying breath. The Saddest Landscape provides cathartic therapy for desperate and dark matters of the heart. With passionate vocals and pummeling, powerful musical landscapes the band never relents nor wavers as they drag you through their own personal hell.
It is the fear of the journey that eventually makes us stronger and You Will Not Survive is that voyage. Time away has only enhanced The Saddest Landscape’s aggressive vitriol. The band has redefined expectations firmly reestablishing themselves back in a scene that desperately needs them. You Will Not Survive further entrenches The Saddest Landscape as an uncompromising pioneer in the ever-evolving screamo genre.
The Saddest Landscape have a busy 2011 planned with more shows and releases scheduled. The first will be a split 7" with their buddies in We Were Skeletons (Lancaster, PA). The split will be released on Topshelf Records in March. Stay tuned for more exciting news!