Ruby Isle stream Appetite for Destruction, play album release show!

Ruby Isle will be hitting the stage for the first time in 2011 presenting their take on Guns N' Roses classic LP Appetite for Destruction at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis Saturday January 29th. The date is being advertised as the CD release show but no cd's will be sold due to reasons we can not say. But surprises will be in store and you can't keep a "Sweet Child of Mine," down. If you would like to hear the record it will be streaming on SPINNER Listening Party all week starting January 25th, until reasons I can not say will probably take it down! For more info on Ruby Isle taking on Guns N' Roses check out or if you would like to chat to the band about pissing off Axl Rose let me know! For now you can still watch the 2 videos the band made as well... Mr. Brownstone My Michelle The “party band of the apocalypse” has finally finished their epic attack on Guns N’ Roses’ 1988 LP Appetite for Destruction. Ruby Isle, known best for dance floor versions of Animal Collective, Decemberists and Bon Iver has finally dropped the appropriately titled Appetite for Destruction, a cover-to-cover electronic homage to the 20th best rock record of the 1980s (seriously Rolling Stone, only 20th?). What started as a straightforward electronic adaptation of GNR’s debut slowly evolved into a spaced-out experiment incorporating both live and electronic instrumentation. Ruby Isle vocalist Mark Mallman commented, “In the beginning of recording everything just seemed too obvious. We decided to go into the studio and bring in musicians with diverse musical backgrounds to make this thing a little more interesting.” The extended sound palette includes a jazz quartet, French female vocals, courtesy of Nicole Godiva of Waxx Maxx, live strings and a guest appearance from Har Mar Superstar on “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Even though the electropop trio brought in more diverse musicians and instrumentation; according to drummer Aaron Lemay, the result is still “pretty fucking dancey”. In keeping with their notoriously high energy and sometimes dangerous live shows, the final product of the GNR inspired opus is both an earnest tribute to the original and a complete mockery of everything it stands for… basically a total contradiction. Microsamples from the original material are bent into 80s sounding synth patches that were pitched and mangled to produce the keyboard sounds used for most of the record. Drums were ripped, bent and forced into 808-like compliance.