Under the moniker Belladonnakillz Peter Moskalyk seamlessly married jungle, punk and ballads with thoughtful melodies and mature songwriting. Shortly after returning from his first European tour Peter passed away at the premature age of 31 last October. A kind and charismatic person, as well as gifted and classically trained pianist, his presence in Toronto's own unique music scene is already sorely missed. Belladonnakillz has released 3 albums, “Perverted & Proud” (2005 - Toronto's Dross:tik Records), “As If” (2006 - Sublight Records) and “Sorry, Try Again” (2009 - Dross:tik). Belladonnakillz was also a frequent collaborator with Knifehandchop of Tigerbeat6 Records and had his foreboding track ‘Kill Bella Donna’ remixed by German hardcore rave DJ the Panacea.

"Remembering Peter" is being held on Saturday, February 19th at Neutral. Admission is $5 at the door. This will be a 19 plus event, doors open at 8pm. The lineup consists solely of Peter's dear friends, musical collaborators, and those who shared the stage with him. The full performance lineup is as follows: Ken Margoe - Illusionist, Goldie Luxx, Pussy, Famine, Cousin Dog, Ghost Television, B7, Loopsy Dazy, C64, Goodfellaz DJs and Alan Belerique. Night hosted by long time Toronto party MC Gobz the Zombie.

All proceeds go to the Moskalyk family, no guest list is available except for immediate family.

Key acts:
Ken Margoe, C64, Goldie Luxx