If you look past the big-city flair of major metropolitan areas you’ll find small towns that possess amongst other things, a lot of heart. Hello Bella, a dynamic five-piece can attest to this. They’ve already made a name for themselves by taking their catchy, earnestly crafted pop tunes throughout their hometowns in Southwestern Ontario. And now, with the release of Echoes of the Atmosphere on January 25th, the band is poised to take big cities everywhere by the horns the only way they know how, with an ear for great song-writing and of course, heart.
The story of Hello Bella is one of adversity and triumph. Officially formed in 2007, the band released their first EP, That Girl in the summer of 2008. Following the release, they launched their “Small Town Tour,” focusing on playing small Ontario towns in the dead of winter. Between garnering airplay on local radio stations and landing a chance to perform in front of a celebrity panel of MuchMusic’s “Disband,” Hello Bella moved in together to begin writing their debut full-length. They were soon granted their big break: a chance to open for international pop icons Black Eyed Peas at Sarnia Bayfest. The day after receiving the news, a house fire broke out and quickly spread to their jam space. The gig now in jeopardy, their local communities rallied around them and raised enough money to replace damaged equipment. This kind of rousing sentiment doesn’t show itself everyday, but it can be heard in spades on Echoes of the Atmosphere.
From the epic build of ‘Stand,’ the album’s stirring opener and first single to the catchy stomp of ‘Cosmo,’ Echoes of the Atmosphere is full of polished, radio-ready pop-rock that leans on uplifting synth and keys, diverse hooks and the palpable emotion heard within lead singer Stephanie Poort’s vocals. There is no shortage of grand aspirations on Echoes. Hello Bella balance playful hooks with a stretching sonic landscape on ‘Argentina,’ give weight to the soaring romantic swoon of ‘Earthquake,’ and let their true rock and roll aspirations shine through on the crunchy groove within ‘Any Road But Here.’
In short, Echoes is poised to set dance halls and speakers on fire very, very soon. The album is full of spur of the moment production including recording a marching band walking by the studio’s open window during an art festival and an opening synth line on one track realized by bumping a member’s love handles against the keyboard. Yet there are no processed pop songs here; these are five musicians who are aware of their upbringing and are ready for listeners far and wide to hear both their story and their unmitigated groove.

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