Catching Up With The Get Up Kids

For those of you not yet in the know, The Get Up Kids are gearing up to release a new record this month (their first full length in 7 years). The album, There Are Rules, is due out January 25th through their own label - Quality Hill Recordings.
To the veteran fans out there, the album in a way marks a return to the early days of The Get Up Kids, when they formed fifteen years ago above a drum store in downtown Kansas City - remember the days of "Shorty"? They've got long time producer Ed Rose seated in his rightful place behind the mixing board and even wrangled Bob Weston (Four Minute Mile) to lend his ear for the mastering process.
If you're not super familiar with the band, The Get Up Kids became a crucial part of what's been called the “second wave of emo” in what's been called the “second wave of emo” in the 90’s along with bands like Braid and The Promise Ring. Their new album starts a new chapter as they return to their independent roots, forming their own label and reigniting the DIY spirit that originally launched the band onto the worldwide stage.
And of course, echoing their formative years, there is a 7” single involved titled Automatic – a limited edition release out January 11th.

Check out "Shatter Your Lungs"