The ACBs - "Boy Like Me"

The ACBs have the ability to seemingly summon huge hooks from the thin air on their latest album, Stona Rosa, which has been on my top ten list since I learned about the guys. These Kansas City natives craft songs that make me think, "they sure don't write songs like this anymore."

Please check out their first single, "Boy Like Me," below and grab a zip of the album.

VIDEO: Click here to watch "Boy Like Me"

MP3: The ACBs - "Boy Like Me"

The ACBs are a band from the midwest (Kansas City to be exact) who just love to laugh and make music and sing and laugh some more. Our biggest fans are probably young kids and the elderly which makes playing club shows to apathetic hipsters quite the challenge (cue: drinking). We do it anyway and folks usually end up having a good time. What we lack in style, we make up for in swagger. We rely on intangibles. We enjoy a good josh. We play because we have to. Coach once told us, “All I everything you’ve got” and he got more than he wanted.
Since 2007, more or less, we: released self titled debut to limited fanfare, slowly built up a solid fanbase in the midwest, garnered more fanfare, bought van, played with some bands (Fastball, Flickerstick, Ryan Cabrera), lost van to fire on the way to Norman, OK, played with good bands (Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Get Up Kids, The Republic Tigers), lost 2 members to sunny California, released second album, ready to play for whomever will listen.